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Sun, Aug 31, 2008

Mediation Article in University Business Magazine

Readers of this blog might be interested in this recent article from University Business entitled “Coming to Terms” that discusses the use of mediation for university disputes. The article by Ruth Raisfeld answers the question “What is it about mediation that can save colleges and universities the expense and distraction of disputes that can drag out and even end in litigation?”

Note: Folks interested in various aspects of campus mediation may also appreciate all the good materials collected in the Conflict Management in Higher Education Report.


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Fri, Aug 29, 2008

Videos from Pepperdine University Seminar on “Negotiating, Mediating and Managing Conflict: Evolutio

On April 10th 2008, the Straus Institute of the Pepperdine University School of Law hosted a seminar entitled “Negotiating, Mediating and Managing Conflict: Evolution in a Global Society.” Teahouse Media documented the event and has posted videos from many of the sessions on their website. The videos address 3 core topic areas:

Topic I ? Culture, Tradition and Language in Cross-Border Negotiations and International Conflict
Topic II ? Global Evolution of Business Mediation
Topic III ? Early and Effective Conflict Management for Global Organizations

Also available is the keynote presentation by Mary Walker, General Counsel, U.S. Air Force, who addresses the vital role the ethical culture of a corporation plays in the success of dispute resolution programs.


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Presentation on Culture and Negotiation by John Barkai

People interested in the role of culture and perception in negotiation will appreciate this 29-minute Video of a lecture presented by John Barkai in a visit to Pepperdine University. As the description notes: “In this fast-paced and informative presentation, John Barkai, Professor of Law from the University of Hawaii, explains how cultural dimensions impact negotiations and dispute resolution. A demonstration of the role perceptions can play illustrates how unnoticed bias slips into our relationships. Includes references to key works in the field.”


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Thu, Aug 28, 2008

Murals of Northern Ireland - Digital Collection

This digital collection entitled Murals of Northern Ireland includes close to 600 images. Hosted by Claremont Colleges Digital Library, the collection presents “murals from Northern Ireland, principally West Belfast, Republican and Loyalist, painted during the recent period of Troubles. The images are records which include historical representation, political standpoints, community concerns, forms of ideological address. They range from overtly political declaration, to brutal depictions of the conflict, to humour and irony.”


A video of a lecture entitled Speaking through walls: political murals in Northern Ireland by Tony Crowley, the photographer, explains the collection.


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Fri, Aug 22, 2008

Track Local Peacebuilding Initiatives via Insight on Conflict website

image A new website entitled Insight on Conflict has been launched by the U.K.-based Peace Direct team. Insight on Conflict is a portal dedicated to calling attention to “the unknown, virtually invisible, civil society peacebuilding initiatives which exist in tens, hundreds or even thousands in every conflict area.” The goal of the project is to “make them visible to policy makers, the media and other peace practitioners.”

The site enables you to track activities based on a set of core themes (Community Action, Culture & Media, Development, Human Rights, Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Women, and Young People), or by region, and it provides RSS feeds, detailed country profiles and interactive maps. The User Guide (a pdf) provides a visual review of the key features of the site. Quite a nice new addition to the conflict studies research toolkit.



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Mon, Aug 18, 2008

The World of Web Trolls explored

The New York Times magazine has produced an in-depth article exploring the world of “web trolls” who get their pleasure out of making other people uncomfortable online. Practitioners of conflict resolution might be interested.

See the story The Trolls Among Us by Mattathias Schwartz.


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Tue, Aug 12, 2008

Interpersonal Skills for Entrepreneurs - Video Series w Jeffrey Berman

image Jeffrey Berman is a management professor at the Bertolon School of Business at Salem State University. He has posted a nice series of short instructional videos on interpersonal skills that are particularly useful in workplace contexts.

A special focus is placed on Entrepreneurs running their own businesses. Here’s the list of titles and their lengths. Browse and watch them all via Jeffrey’s YouTube playlist.

Interpersonal Skills 12:30
Active Listening 16:43
Assertiveness 15:06
Negotiation 13:11

Coaching - Part 1 06:55
Coaching - Part 2 07:20

Interpersonal Skills for Entrepreneurs 02:09

Interview Skills - Part 1 08:46
Interview Skills - Part 2 09:06

Persuasion - Part 1 08:33
Persuasion - Part 2 07:04

Conflict Resolution - Part 1 07:09
Conflict Resolution - Part 2 07:37


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Sun, Aug 10, 2008

Video on How to Tell People They Sound Racist

Jay Smooth at the hip-hop video blog has produced a nice short video on How to Tell People They Sound Racist. As he explains, “The most important thing that you?ve got to do is remember the difference between the what they did conversation and the what they are conversation.”


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Sat, Aug 02, 2008

ABC’s of Group Work: Building Community in Schools

This 82-page workbook, available via the ERIC service, provides a set of 26 short lessons to help prepare high school and college students for group work. The kit was developed by J’Anne Ellsworth, an Associate Professor from the College of Education at Northern Arizona University.

As the abstract explains: “Each lesson begins with an explanation page, then an activity page gives the group an opportunity to work together and put the ideas into practice. The presentation combines linear sections with visual materials. Cooperative learning activities are included to prepare students to work effectively in learning communities. The material has a philosophy and description of human nature consistent with a constructivist view of education. Exercises are cross-disciplinary and can be taught as team building in any college setting. The topics include: activation; balance; cohesion; communication; compromise; conflict resolution; dimensions; effective conversing; evaluation; feelings; fight/flight; group development; honesty; humility and gratitude; interdependence and dependence; intimacy and boundaries; judgment; knowledge; listening skills; mutuality; needs; optimism; organization; patience; power; questioning; roles; structure; tasks; tolerance; understanding; verbalizing; wit; xenophobia; yearnings; and zeal.”


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Fri, Aug 01, 2008

Reverbiage - Visual NPR News Aggregator is a news feed aggregator featuring NPR News Headlines. They provide a number of dynamic ways to follow the news, including an embeddable widget and a screensaver. The widget provides a direct link to the audio from the news broadcast. Interesting…



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Norwegian Peace Alliance Teacher/Trainer Resource Collection

The Norwegian Peace Alliance Education for Peace website is intended as a resource for teachers who wish to teach themes related to peace, or wish to promote peace skills in their classrooms, and for facilitators of workshop in peace related themes. The website is also used as a resource for workshops at summer camps and seminars, both in connection with youth work and by voluntary organisations involved in training mediators, teaching for intercultural/interreligious dialogue and other such activities.

The website gives a short introduction to education for peace and its pedagogical platform, and describes how to build up a successful workshop around a topic. The site gives suggestions for exercises for the various stages of the workshop. It contains various educational “packages” and activities for each topic to be covered, skill to be trained, or stage of the workshop (warming up, evaluation etc.). The site includes over 200 different activities. The aim and instructions for each activity is included, in addition to the time required and the age group most suited.

A list of activities specifically for school mediation trainers is posted here.



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