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Fri, Dec 28, 2007 - Pro-social Online Video Network

image One of the unexpected gifts of the holiday season for me was the discovery of, an online video sharing site oriented toward peaceful progressive change. The site includes thousands of good quality videos that can be embedded in other web pages or viewed at the site. Their tagline reads “Be the Change! Share the Story!” and many users have taken the challenge to heart. In fact, right now Elementary, Middle and Senior High teams of students are creating videos on chosen environmental, human rights or social justice projects for the School Video Contest, all in hopes of winning a $50,000 prize (Deadline April 30th, 2008).

The orientation of is evident from their editorial choices. The focus is on
- Every day stories from every day people that are changing this world
- Human cooperation and survival
- Solutions to combat global warming
- The positive impact of aid workers around the world
- Perspectives and contributions of philanthropists
- Corporate social responsibility progress
- Environmental improvements and breakthroughs
- And all other stories about those making a positive difference on this planet.

In addition to fluid channels of user-contributed video content, there are some more organized series. Currently featured QuantumShift series include: Connecting the Drops; Question Movies; The Sammy Sugar Tour; Homeless Series; and the Choices Series.

Embedded below is a short video that might be of special interest to the readers of this blog, presenting the Second Step curriculum teaching Conflict Resolution to young people.

Video link



Sat, Dec 22, 2007

Mediation World Website

Mediation World is a new online global mediation resource website designed for governments, courts, businesses, lawyers, mediators, and NGOs.

The site, developed by London-based Conflict Management International (CMI) offers:



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Thu, Dec 20, 2007

PEACE TALKS: Nonviolent Communication with Marshall Rosenberg

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a verbal approach for exchanging information and resolving differences peacefully by using careful and skillful communication. A good introduction to this technique is provided by this 75-minute audio broadcast and the accompanying transcript excerpts. Marshall Rosenberg, who founded the specific NVC model is captured before a live Albuquerque audience talking about how this communication style helps to resolve conflict. Several actors provide voice to sample scenarios that help explain the model in action. He also helps members of the studio audience develop solutions to conflict scenarios using the principles of Nonviolent Communication. Co hosts: Paul Ingles and Suzanne Kryder.

Marshall Rosenberg


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Wed, Dec 19, 2007

1 World Manga - series addressing global issues

This manga (comic-book style stories) series entitled 1 World Manga was created in 2005 by VIZ Media and the World Bank. It addresses global development issues in a teen-friendly format. Readers meet Rei, an orphaned teenager who dreams of becoming the greatest fighter in the world. But Rei’s spirit guide takes him on a different path. Excerpts are available online, but full issues need to be purchased, with proceeds going to support global concerns. The issues released so far are:

Passage 1 : Poverty—A Ray of Light
Passage 2 : HIV/AIDS—First Love
Passage 3 : Global Warming—The Lagoon of the Vanishing Fish
Passage 4 : Child Soldiers—Of Boys and Men
Passage 5 : Girls’ Education—Life Lessons
Passage 6 : Corruption—Broken Trust



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Thu, Dec 13, 2007

Server Relocation

Tomorrow I’ll be moving across campus, changing the location of the server that hosts the tech blog. If you can’t find me for a day or two, please have patience, as I plan to be back online ASAP.


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Mon, Dec 10, 2007

Voices and Choices: Civil Rights - an online learning module

Teaching Matters, a nonprofit focused on the creative use of technology in K-12 Education, has created a wonderful online learning module on Civil Rights as part of their Voices and Choices series. The module combines audio, photographs and flash animation to “...broaden middle school students? abilities to research, present, and document their studies of American civil rights and outline the challenges that lay ahead for the rights and freedoms of all Americans.”

Coverage includes the Women?s Suffrage Movement (1848-1923), the Asian American Civil Rights Movement (1860-1988), the Children?s Rights Movement (1870-1938) and the African American Civil Rights Movement (1945-1965). The module is divided into sections as noted here:
Step 1: Define Civil Rights
Step 2: Understand Injustice
Step 3: Study Methods of Action
Step 4: Describe a Movement
Step 5: Create a Campaign
Step 6: Make a Difference

A more detailed overview of the 6-week curriculum module is available here.

Voices and Choices homepage


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Mon, Dec 03, 2007

Conflict Skills Training Powerpoint for Conflict Transformation Practitioners

In 2005 the Centre for Conflict Resolution and the UN Development Project in Zimbabwe developed a 46-slide Powerpoint presentation for the use of all practitioners in the field of conflict transformation, conflict intervention and conflict resolution. The clearly written presentation focuses on providing a summary of conflict analysis, negotiation and mediation skills training ideas. The presentation, entitled Building Capacity for Negotiating Skills and Conflict Transformation in Zimbabwe, isn’t really specific to Zimbabwe and should be of interest to anyone looking to present key conflict resolution ideas.

Five Levels of Listening


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