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Fri, Aug 31, 2007

Wex - Public-Access Law Encyclopedia (includes ADR content)

Wheelbarrow of books Wex is a recent effort by the folks at the Legal Information Institute at the Cornell Law School to construct a collaboratively-created, public-access law dictionary and encyclopedia.  Much of the material that appears in Wex was originally developed for the Legal Information Institute’s rich collection of “Law about…” pages, to which Wex is the successor. Of particular intererest to our readers will be the ADR section. You can find State and Federal statutes and information on conventions and treaties relating to dispute resolution.


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Mon, Aug 27, 2007

SuTree: Community-Supported Sorting of Video Lessons and Tutorials

SuTree logoWith the rapid growth of videos online it is getting hard to find good content without having to wade through LOTS of junk. A new service called SuTree engages site visitors who round-up the quality materials out there on the net, which are then reviewed and approved by site staffers.

So far SuTree has more than 5000 lessons on topics ranging from finance to health to everyday advice. The videos come from user upload sites such as YouTube and Google Video as well as professional sites such as the BBC, CNN, Videojug and Expert Village.


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Thu, Aug 16, 2007

Charting the Roads to Peace: Facts, figures and trends in conflict resolution

The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, established in 1999 and based out of Geneva Switzerland, provides a forum for conflicting parties to resolve their differences peacefully. In line with its mission to reduce human suffering in war by preventing and resolving armed conflicts, the HD Centre also encourages and promotes dialogue and debate on challenging issues.

Its aim, as a forum for dialogue, is to share its experience and learn from that of others by regularly hosting and organising events that bring together actors with a variety of expertise. Events include meetings, conferences, panel discussions, retreats, and publication launches with debates. In 2006, book launches, two Mediators’ Retreat, as well as briefings to diplomats have been organised by the HD Centre.

One very enlightening document is a report entitled Charting the Roads to Peace: Facts, figures and trends in conflict resolution produced by the Centre for one of their International Mediator Retreats. A summary of the main points of this free pdf document are provided below.

publication cover image

Charting the Roads to Peace: Main Points

Longterm Trends

Most mediations fail

Recent Trends

2006 Report


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Tue, Aug 07, 2007

Podcast from CNCR Summer Institute on CR in Higher Ed

After a long hiatus I’ve managed to create and post a new podcast over at Conflict Learning Audio. This episode checks in with a variety of people working on conflict resolution in higher education. I interviewed participants attending this year’s Summer Institute on Conflict Management hosted by the Consortium on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution at Georgia State University. Here’s the direct link to the Podcast on the CNCR Summer Institute. Of special interest is an interview with Peter Shedd wherein he describes the use of a facilitated discussion model for addressing academic dishonesty cases.


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