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Sun, Dec 31, 2006

Virtual School Training Simulation for UK Teachers

Virtual School is a joint development between the National College for School Leadership, BBC and the Centre for Educational Leadership in Manchester.

Virtual School is a scenario-based simulation for teachers and leaders within schools. It aims to introduce leadership issues within a computer-generated school environment.

Based on scenarios written by educational professionals, Virtual School offers teachers the opportunity to see the possible consequences of their decisions and try alternative approaches.

You can try it yourself online, choosing either an elementary or secondary or special school as your environment of choice. Be prepared for some British educational system terms!



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Tue, Dec 26, 2006

Peace Corps Volunteer Voices podcast, slide shows, posters and more

image  In October of 2006 the Peace Corps started distributing a podcast created by volunteers from around the world. By going to the the World Wise Schools’ Multimedia pages you can check out the podcasts page listen to podcasts online, view video clips or slide shows, and subscribe to future podcasts as they are released. A new Volunteer Voices podcast is scheduled every week. Stories already available include tales from Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Columbia, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Guatemala, Mali, Nepal, Gabon, Niger, Paraguay and Papua New Guinea. (Note: I had to reload the podcasts page a few times in my browser to get it to refresh with new content) If you know what you are doing with podcast subscriptions, here’s the link you need to copy into your podcast reader:


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Sat, Dec 23, 2006

Chasm - a Challenging Game for Puzzle Solvers

Some talented game developers in Australia got together and they have produced some really cool games. Game On is an initiative designed to foster, develop and support innovation in Australia’s digital media industry. Check out Chasm and see if you can be a hero and save the town! (requires Flash)


Chasm Game


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Tue, Dec 19, 2006

Resources on Peace Education from wwwtools for education

Just in time for the holiday season (Dec 2006), Graeme Daniel, host of the wwwtools for education online “magazine” has put together a nice compilation of Resources on Peace Eduation. The list provides direct links to a select collection of articles and websites exploring various facets of peace education. Wwwtools for educators provides articles consisting of resource guides on a particular topic or issue related to web-based teaching and learning. The articles reportedly take a skilled researcher between 10 and 20 hours to research and prepare. Whenever a new article is added to the database you can be informed by email. You can opt-out of the email list at any time.


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Mon, Dec 18, 2006

Nan Peck’s Conflict Management and Communication Skills site

happy and unhappy masks
Nan Peck has provided her students with a very informative Conflict Management and Communication Skills site. Peck is an Associate Professor of Speech Communication at Northern Virginia Community College. Her basic topic areas, each of which are elaborated with additional information and links, are as follows:

Conflict 101 - What are the basic elements of a conflict?
Personal Conflict - How do you manage conflicts in your personal life?
Family & Friendships - How do you manage conflict with your friends and family?
Civic Life - How do you manage conflict in your community?
Professional - How do you manage conflict in your professional life?
Intercultural - How do you manage conflict in intercultural relationships?
International - How can we better manage international conflicts?

It is nice to see this kind of work being shared at the community college level.


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Mon, Dec 11, 2006

Movies with a Focus on Conflict Resolution - List from CDR Associates

Moview camera The conflict resolution training group CDR Associates (located in Boulder Colorado) has developed a list of movies that focus on conflict resolution related themes. CR Trainers and college and university faculty might find them useful in the classroom or as outside assignments or just as a jumping off point for discussions.

The list is grouped into the following categories:

Conflict Development , Escalation and Dynamics
Situation Assessment and Conflict Analysis
Problem Solving and Dispute Resolution Processes
Social Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Diverse Contexts
Environmental and Public Disputes
Gender/Class/Intercultural/Racial Differences and Conflict
Movies for Trainers, Coaches, and Educators appropriate for Training-for-Trainers Seminars

You can check it out here.


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Fri, Dec 08, 2006

Games for Change 2006 Conference Podcasts

The June 2006 conference hosted by Games for Change brought together some of the most creative educators on the planet. You can now hear 17 podcast sessions from the conference. You can view just the titles and links to the mp3 files here or see the fuller descriptions for each session via this link. The keynote speaker was Stephen Johnson who last year published the best-selling “Everything Bad is Good for You,” providing a powerful articulation of how games are teaching critical thinking skills for life in the 21st century. Of particular interest to our readers may be the session on Field Building with University Students that explores some of the progressive game development strategies students already employ and the session on Peace Games and International Efforts.

games for change


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Wed, Dec 06, 2006

Introduction to Nonviolence (PACS 164A) Podcast/Webcast from UC Berkeley

The University of California at Berkeley has begun podcasting and webcasting many of their courses in a public way. The Introduction to Nonviolence course, available as archived real video or as an audio podcast, is taught by Michael Nagler, a longtime Nonviolence educator and founder and former chairperson of the University’s Peace and Conflict Studies program. Nagler is the author of several books, including America Without Violence (Island Press) and Is There No Other Way: The Search for a Nonviolent Future (Berkeley Hills Books), which received an American Book Award in 2002. More than 25 sessions of the course are currently available in the archive.


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