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Thu, Sep 28, 2006

Online Motivational Poster Maker

For a bit of fun or just to express some pent-up creativity, check out this online motivational poster maker. The free online service lets you link to a photo from flickr or another online location or upload one of your own and then add a motivational or humorous phrase.

Shifts Happen


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Covering Violence: How Should the Media Handle Conflict?

world microphone This thoughtful piece by Danny Schechter from presents peace researcher Johann Galtung’s critique of media coverage of social conflicts. The piece explores 12 points of concern where, according to Galtung, journalism often goes wrong when dealing with violence. It includes a link to a piece comparing samples of war vs peace journalism styles, and points to an interesting U.K. site entitled Reporting the World that aims at presenting an ethical framework for reporting conflicts in the 21st century.


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Sun, Sep 24, 2006

CivicEvolution online Community Problem-Solving Tools

Civic Evolution People interested in online tools for addressing community and organizational conflicts in a structured and participatory way should have a look at what’s happening over at the CivicEvolution website. CivicEvolution is an online tool suite developed by Brian Sullivan of Public Dialog Systems to support non-profit and community groups as they work their way through planning and problem-solving challenges. (See short overview in flash here.) The web-based and still-beta version of CivicEvolution requires Firefox on any Operating System or Internet Explorer 5.5+ on Windows. The long-term plan includes full cross-browser compatibility. Currently you can sign up for a free account for a project if you have one, or you can try various online demos and screencasts.  Great stuff!

Featured Process Tools include:

Private discussion group - Create a private discussion group on any topic you like.

Brainstorming - The brainstorming interface makes it easy for the participants to create and recognize proposals and effciently converge on a consensus.

Study an issue - Your group can read an article, add notes to the article and discuss the issues related to the article.

Focus group - Start off with a survey to determine the starting attitudes and opinions of the participants. Give the participants an article to read. Allow the group to engage in a discussion about the issues. Finally, conduct another survey to determine how participants’ attitudes and opinions have changed.

Create a Proposal - Start with an article that describes the issues or needed action. Engage in discussion to develop and share an understanding of the issues. Brainstorm solutions. Collaboratively write a proposal with your group. Finally, poll the participants to see if they agree with the proposal.



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Thu, Sep 21, 2006

September 21, International Day of Peace

The International Day of Peace was established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly to coincide with its opening session every September. The General Assembly in 2001 voted unanimously to fix observance of the Day on 21 September as a day of non-violence and ceasefire by A/RES/55/282. A variety of supporting materials including a postcard, a poster, and a video message from the Secretary-General are available at the UN’s website to help in commemorating the day.

On 21 September 2006, the Day will be observed at UN Headquarters with the traditional ceremony in which Secretary-General Kofi Annan will ring the Peace Bell for the last time during his term in office. Numerous commemorative events and activities are planned around the world by United Nations offices, governmental and non-governmental agencies, and civil society and religious groups to promote the ideals of peace and non-violence.

In 2006, the UN will use the Day to note the many ways it works for peace and to encourage individuals, groups and communities around the world to contemplate and communicate thoughts and activities on how to achieve peace.

International Day of Peace 2006


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Tue, Sep 19, 2006

Conversation with Kenneth Boulding on Stable Peace (video)

Readers familar with the work of peace studies scholar Kenneth Boulding may be interested in this 1987 video (with partial transcripts) of an Interview with Kenneth Boulding on “National Security Through Stable Peace”. The session was part of the Conversations with History series hosted by the Insitute of International Studies at UC Berkeley. The interview is conducted by Harry Kreisler.

Kenneth Boulding in 1987


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Mon, Sep 18, 2006

Free Classes on Online Dispute Resolution and Copyright in State of Play Academy

Check out these new virtual world classes, as described in a September 14, 2006 post over at Beth Noveck’s Cairns blog. (see post for more sign-up details)

State of Play Academy, New York Law School’s new virtual world law teaching academy, beta launches this week.  Building on the experience of the State of Play conference that has brought together technologists, lawyers, social scientists and other professionals to discuss the implications of virtual worlds, State of Play Academy continues that inter-disciplinary conversation online and throughout the year.

Our aim is to: 1) democratize law teaching by making it available to an open audience; and 2) understand how teaching and learning can most effectively be done within a three-dimensional, immersive and social online environment like a virtual world.

We’re having 45-minute ‘test’ classes each Tuesday and Thursday.  Please join us!

Tuesday 5:30 PST/8:30 EST
Online Dispute Resolution in
taught by Colin Rule, Head of Dispute Resolution, E-Bay and Fellow, Stanford Center for Internet and Society

Thursday 5:30 PST/8:30 EST
Copyright in Virtual Worlds
taught by David Post, I. Herman Stern Professor of Law, Temple Law School, Visiting Professor, New York Law School



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Sun, Sep 17, 2006

Video Blog Post on First Mediation Experience

In this short video post, W. Dyer Halpern talks about preparing for, and mediating, his first case. Halpern was trained by Professor Jackie Nolan-Haley at the mediation clinic associated with Fordham University. Nice to see a new mediator getting his feet wet. Discovered via the interesting video blog known as Lawclinic.TV sponsored by Fordham University Law School.



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Wed, Sep 13, 2006

Full-view books now available via Google Books search

book spilling letters The Google Books project has been scanning books and manuscripts for a number of years now in cooperation with various large libraries. A new feature of the Google Books search tool permits one to view the full text of books where the author or publisher has granted permission. Public domain books can now even be downloaded in full. This opens up a lot of useful free conflict-resolution-related content for reseachers and students to explore.

Try this example of a search for books exploring conflict resolution in educational contexts. You can see the full text of all the books returned in the search because it is filtered to show “Full View Books” only. Be sure to check out the advanced search option for more ways to target your search.


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Tue, Sep 12, 2006

Sept 11 2006 = 100 Years for the modern Nonviolence Movement

Check out this 17-minute video commemorating the anniversary of Gandhi’s first public nonviolence campaign, which began on September 11, 1906. For more info, see this prior post.



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Tue, Sep 05, 2006

Gandhi’s Seven Deadly Social Sins

Sharif Ezzat created this motion graphics portrayal of Gandhi’s Seven Deadly Social Sins in Flash. 7 social sins


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Sun, Sep 03, 2006

Harmony Island - Educational CR Game for Grades 6-12

harmony island game case Harmony Island is a new innovative educational game designed to teach conflict resolution concepts to students in secondary school (grades 6-12). It was developed by Academic Edge, Inc. with funding support from the National Institute for Child Health and Human Development. Using cartoon graphics of an island community that is not quite a paradise, the game provides a variety of different interactive approaches to identifying conflicts and developing skills for handling them.

There is a game show called “Know Conflict” that reinforces core ideas about conflict, a drawing program that invites participants to draw out the key aspects of a conflict,  interactive movies that show conflicts in a number of different categories (family, interpersonal, “workplace”, etc.) played out, and arcade-style games teaching the concepts of APE (Active Listening, Problem Solving, Emotional Awareness) and STAR (Stop, Think, Act, Reflect) that are used throughout the broader game to help resolve conflicts. In the museum exhibits area, students map out the history of famous island conflicts of the past. In the “Tribal Council” area, players actually help Islanders resolve conflicts by choosing how discussions should continue and then watching the resulting actions unfold. The online flash-based introduction to the software provides a good overview of the games contents.

image By purchasing Harmony Island players gain access to the “TCOM HUT”. The TCOM Hut contains interactive, online activities that extend the experience of the game. Students are given access to the Harmony Island Blog, updated by Francis and Rizzo from their treehouse on the island. Students watch additional video-based conflicts, partcipate in discussions, vote in polls, and discuss conflict resolutions with both their classmates and other students. Teachers may use the Teachers Area to discuss topics with other teachers, report bugs, trade lesson plans and ideas, as well as moderate student discussions in the Blog.

Initial classroom testing of the game occurred during the 2005/2006 school year, with the final release version due soon. Pricing will be around $90.00 for a single standalone mac/pc compatible version, with additional classroom-level multi-user pricing options. For more information, you’ll need to use the contact form or watch the Harmony Island product website. Looks like a well-designed product that will add a lot to the CR learning landscape.


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Fri, Sep 01, 2006

Official Seal Generator

Check out this free online “Official Seal Generator”. Now you too can look official!



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