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Fri, Jun 30, 2006

War and Peace: Resources on Iraq from the Librarians’ Internet Index

The Librarians’ Internet Index is a collection of reviewed resources on a broad range of topics that got its start back in 1993. Every week, LII staff and contributors identify Web resources and enter draft records into the LII database. Then librarian-editors review and upgrade records to ensure the entries meet LII selection criteria. One growing area of the collection is the War and Peace: Resources on Iraq section. Lots of content here for people watching the war and its impacts.
Librarians' Internet Index


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Wed, Jun 28, 2006

Managing and Resolving Conflicts Effectively in Schools and Classrooms (online course)

Managing and Resolving Conflicts Effectively in Schools and Classrooms is an online learning site designed to introduce key concepts for school conflict resolution. Over the course of a suggested five days of reading and activities, participants can:

Learn about in-school conflict management, review where and why such conflict occurs, and gain skills (for both adults and students) to manage, reduce, and work toward minimizing conflict.

* Explore the four basic program models in the United States:
  - Curriculum Infusion
  - Mediation Programs
  - Conflict Management as a Classroom Management Tool (e.g., Peaceable Classroom)
  - A Comprehensive Approach (e.g., Peaceable School Model that can help reduce and manage conflicts between and among adults and students in the school community)

* Review the research and evaluation tools available to help you monitor success and modify your plan to best meet your schools needs.

* Examine the key elements needed to develop a conflict management plan appropriate for your school and determine your next steps for creating plans for your school and district.

image This online course was developed by the National Training and Technical Assistance Center for Drug Prevention and School Safety Coordinators, through a contract with the U.S. Department of Education?s Safe and Drug Free Schools Office. The online material includes activities (often in the form of a pdf handout or powerpoint) and resource links. The course may be copied and used with proper credit to the National Training and Technical Assistance Center for Drug Prevention and School Safety Coordinators of the U.S. Department of Education?s Safe and Drug Free Schools Office.  (June 2006)


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Online Interactive Timeline Building Tool

The online timeline building tool, provided at no cost from the University of British Columbia’s Learning Tools Collection, is a web based learning object template which allows an instructor to quickly construct an interactive timeline with audio and visual effects. The finished timeline can serve as a re-useable learning object which can be easily distributed and shared over the web. This learning object template is built in Flash, PHP and XML. You can view a demo online, build your own timeline using their servers for storage, or download the source code to install locally on your own webserver. Certainly a cool tool.
timeline clip


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Global Directory of Peace and Conflict Resolution Programs (7th Edition)

image The newly updated (2006) version of the Global Directory of Peace and Conflict Resolution Programs is now available from the Peace and Justice Studies Association. A joint project of the Peace and Justice Studies Association (PJSA) and The International Peace Research Association (IPRA), this is the most current comprehensive annotated guide to peace studies and conflict resolution programs at colleges and universities worldwide. This edition profiles over 450 undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral programs and concentrations in over 40 countries and 38 U.S. states. Entries describe the program’s philosophy and goals, examples of course offerings, key course requirements, degrees and certificates offered and complete contact information including email and website addresses. Indices by state, country, religious affiliation and type of degree, and an appendix with a list of journals that publish in the field internationally are also included. Also featured are an array of peace poetry and quotations contributed by PJSA members, as well as a preface by Matt Meyer, outgoing PJSA Board Co-Chair, and Amy Shuster, Co-Editor of the Directory.  Get the order form (pdf) for more information on pricing.


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Tue, Jun 27, 2006

Civil Rights Mediation Oral History Project

The excellent archive of interviews with civil rights mediators developed by Heidi Burgess and Richard Salem now has its own website domain at  At the site you can find coded audio interviews with 19 mediators who worked for the Community Relations Service to mediate race-related conflicts in communities across America. What makes the site especially useful is the time the project staff have taken to code and organize topical “chunks” of the interview audio and transcripts. This enables the user to see and listen to excerpts of all the interviews pertaining to a certain topic, such as meeting dynamics for instance. The full topics list is available for browsing. Definately a useful tool for conflict studies instructors.



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Sat, Jun 24, 2006

Conflict Management Resources for People Who Work with Volunteers

The UK’s Media Trust has updated their Voluntary Matters site to version 3, and they include a useful section on Conflict Management in the Volunteer Sector. Included are a number of sample case studies, and suggested activities and resources. Of particular interest is the Interactive Scenario putting you in the role of a manager in a busy campaigning organisation. A conflict between a staff member and long-term volunteer has been developing and you are invited to try out different responses to the problem and watch what develops. Other topics covered by the site include visioning, motivation, diversity, decision-making and risk management.
Voluntary Matters 3


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Resources on Ethics in War from the Carnegie Council

In the Shadow of Haditha In response to concerns raised over potential war crimes in Haditha, the Carnegie Council has compiled and posted a collection of materials entitled IN THE SHADOW OF HADITHA: Essential Resources on Ethics in War. The materials are selected from their programs and publications on ethics in war and are divided into two categories: Ethics in War and Teaching Ethics. Also of interest is the broader collection of Ethics, War and Peace Resources.


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Tue, Jun 20, 2006

Seeds of Tolerance Video Contest - Win $100,000 for short video on tolerance

Current TV, in partnership with the Third Millennium Foundation, is hosting a contest to produce a short video on the theme of tolerance. The top video submitted to the Seeds of Tolerance contest (due August 15th, 2006) will receive $100,000 cash, and $15,000 to a relevant charity of the winner’s choice. Two runners-up will receive $10,000, and be aired on Current TV, in 28 million homes across the country. Not bad for a 3-5 minute creative video… Guest judges include Paul Haggis, Melissa Etheridge, Edward Norton and Margaret Cho. Story samples are available if you need inspiration. Contest guidelines are posted online as well (pdf).
Seeds of Tolerance Contest


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100 Years of Nonviolence: Gandhi and Sept. 11, 1906-2006

100 Years of NonviolenceOn September 11, 1906, Mohandas K. Gandhi launched the modern non-violent movement by pledging to use non-violence and civil disobedience in his quest for justice. His decision that day changed the course of human history.

To honor the upcoming 100th anniversary, New Yorkers for a Department of Peace and the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence are sponsoring 100 Years of Non-Violence, a campaign that invites citizens around the world to attend and organize screenings of the movie Gandhi on September 11, 2006.

NY-DOP and MKGI are having a short film produced, featuring Arun Gandhi, to be shown before the feature that will help dispel common myths and reveal the true power of non-violence. The short film ( see trailer ) will inspire simple, clear calls to action to educate ourselves, get involved, and “be the change we wish to see” (Gandhi).

You can help promote the event in various ways using resources prepared by the project coordinators.


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Wed, Jun 14, 2006

US & THEM: Moderating Group Conflict Manual

This 159-page manual entitled US & THEM (offered as a PDF) presents information and exercises for people wanting to host workshops on moderating group conflict. It was written by Stephen Dillon Fabick, Ed.D. based on a project by the Michigan Chapter of Psychologists for Social Responsibility.

The US & THEM program is designed to highlight the dynamics common to differences along many dimensions, e.g. race, class, culture, nationality, gender, etc. Such differences often become the focal point of group conflict. Participants increase their awareness of these common dynamics through a combination of learning about basic group conflict concepts and experiential learning through structured activities in the US & THEM workshop. Post-workshop dialogue groups and collaborative action reinforce this awareness.

Included is a sample talk with overheads and a series of exercises as listed below. Also included is a participant booklet to be reproduced for each workshop participant.

- Diversity Quotient (Self-Awareness)
- Attitudes (Self-Awareness)
- Who Said It? (Self-Awareness)
> Role Reversal (Other-Awareness and Bridge)
> Fate (Self- and Other-Awareness)
> US & THEM in the Media (Self-Awareness)
> Adjectives (Self- and Other-Awareness)
> Guided Fantasy (Other-Awareness and Bridge)
> My Group Identity (Self-Awareness)
- Prejudice (Self-Awareness)
- Prejudging (Self-Awareness)
- The Changing Face of US & THEM (Self-Awareness)
- Values (Self-Awareness)
- Stereotypes (Self-Awareness)
- Cultures (Self-Awareness)
- Privilege (Self- and Other-Awareness)
- Appreciation (Self-Awareness
- Coalition Building (Bridge)
- Relationship (Bridge)
- Dialogue (Bridge)
- Heterosexuality Questionnaire (Self-Awareness for Heterosexuals)
- Out of the Closet (Other-Awareness for Heterosexuals; Self-Awareness for Homosexuals and Bisexuals)
- Hurdles (Other-Awareness for Heterosexuals; Self-Awareness for Homosexuals and Bisexuals)
- Differences (Other-Awareness and Bridge)
- Speaking Up (Self-Awareness; Action)
- Arm Wrestling (Bridge)



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Thu, Jun 08, 2006

Directory of Alternative Dispute Resolution Blogs

Dianne Levin, author of the Online Guide to Mediation blog, has set up a Directory of Alternative Dispute Resolution Blogs to help interested parties keep track of the growing number of blogs exploring conflict resolution topics. While still new, the site is prepared for growth as the number of bloggers expands. The listings are organized by category, alphabetically and by country.  The category structure is as follows:
The world of ADR Blogs
General Alternative Dispute Resolution Blogs
ADR-Friendly Blogs
ADR Marketing Blogs
Arbitration Blogs
Conflict Resolution & Peace Blogs
Mediation Blogs
Negotiation Blogs
Online Dispute Resolution Blogs
Restorative Justice Blogs

This is a great way to tap into the ADR blogosphere and see what is on people’s minds and what is happening in the news from the point of view of ADR advocates. Check it out!


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Sun, Jun 04, 2006

Powerpoint Presentation on Enemy Images (w Manual and Notes)

The Conflict Resolution Action Committee of Psychologists for Social Responsibility has been working since the late 1980’s on educating the public about the causes and consequences of exaggerated images of the enemy. They have made available a recently revised Enemy Images Manual explaining the psychological processes at work, as well as a Powerpoint Presentation on Enemy Images that is appropriate for use in classrooms and communities. There is also a word document that provides basic presenters notes to use with the powerpoint show. Lots of good applied social science here.

chart reviewing portrayal of arabs in comic books


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Thu, Jun 01, 2006

Sixth Annual Media the Matters Film Festival

image The Media that Matters Film Festival offers up 16 inspiring short films on significant social topics. And they are all viewable on the web! As described by the project leaders:  “From gay rights to global warming, the jury-selected collection represents the work of a diverse group of independent filmmakers, many of whom are under 21. The films are equally diverse in style and content, with documentaries, music videos, animations, experimental work and everything else in between. What all the films have in common is that they spark debate and action in 8 minutes or less.”


Youth Slam
?What?s your ethnic make up?? A young man makes a pass at a beautiful stranger and gets an eye-opening schooling on race and gender.

A GIRL LIKE ME - 7:08 min
Youth Documentary
Color is more than skin deep for young African-American women struggling to define themselves.

IN TRANSIT - 5:51 min
War may be over in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but many Congolese women continue to battle for their reproductive health.

When water costs soar, residents of Highland Park, Michigan demand to know who will foot the bill.

Michigan youth investigate the dubious circumstances under which a Wal-Mart appeared on a wetland in their small town.

A Native American tribe?s dreams of prosperity clash with small town values in Rohnert Park, California.

PERMISSION - 1:00 min
Public Service Announcement
Whose permission would you need to get married to the person you love?

Advocacy Short
Copyright abuse or Fair Use? Learn how much is at stake when vital films are pulled from public discourse.

Youth Documentary
In New Haven, Connecticut the pipeline from school to prison is shorter than you might think.

(HATE) MACHINE - 4:45 min
When media messages are constructed, sometimes truth hits the cutting room floor.

IN THE MORNING - 4:25 min
Dramatic Narrative
When a young Turkish woman is raped, there is nothing honorable about revenge.

BREAD - 4:56 min
Guatemalan brothers Edwin and Edson crush rocks with their father so their family has enough to eat.

Journey to the ?Asparagus Capital of the World? to discover why one little vegetable is so important.

RECYCLE - 6:00 min
Poet Miguel Diaz transforms poverty into cultivation in the middle of a Los Angeles street.

NIGHT VISIONS - 7:07 min
Individuals enlist in the U.S. military for different reasons, but they all return from war, changed.

NO CHILD - 8:19 min
Youth Documentary
Minneapolis hip-hoppers Shakademic and Glenn Scott get the inside scoop on military recruiting tactics.


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