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Wed, Mar 31, 2004

FindLaw Site Adds Public Tools Section

FindLaw has announced a new FindLaw for the Public Web site with lots of new content including a variety of state-specific legal content and expanded general legal content. It’s available at

From the front page you’ll find a subject index of legal information including criminal law, employment law, real estate, and personal injury. Pick a subject and you’ll first be asked for your zip code. Once you provide that you’ll get a page of inofrmation about your topic of interest, including links to lawyers in your area who specialize in that particular thing, as well as additional links to that topic. Included are sections on Arbitration and Mediation information and Education Law.


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Thu, Mar 25, 2004

Children of Conflict - website with audio from BBC

The Children of Conflict website is about children in war zones—as soldiers, wounded victims, lost, heads of households, and laborers. Their stories are told in brief articles with letters and quotations from many children, and in audio files of their own voices, in many languages. A project of the BBC World Service designed to explore the effects of the 1990 United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.


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Wed, Mar 24, 2004

10 Ways to Fight Hate on Campus

The Teaching Tolerance project of the Southern Poverty Law Center as created a web version of their popular publication 10 Ways to Fight Hate on Campus. The publication speaks most directly to student activists, but should be of interest to a wider group as well.


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PeaceAfrica - Online Channel Supporting Africa’s Peacemakers now has an internet channel called PeaceAfrica built with support from the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations. It provides news and information on African peacemaking and peacebuilding activities. Topics covered include: Civil War, Peace Talks, Peacekeeping, Post-Conflict, Humanitarian Responses, Refugees, Arms and Armies, Terrorism, and Conflict Economics. In addition to the website, they now have a PeaceAfrica weblog found at As with most blogs, you can subscribe to it’s feed in your newsreader.


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Dating Violence Awareness Film - online via internet

A five minute documentary, initially designed for use with highschool students, was created to raise awareness and help prevent domestic violence. Entitled The Truth About Domestic Violence, it is available in a wide range of viewable formats. Includes interviews with community police officer, a guidence counselor,  a woman whose friend was abused, and a woman who works at a local family shelter.


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Tue, Mar 23, 2004

OSHA Workplace Violence Course - Online Tutorial

This Workplace Violence Course is designed for the general public to provide basic concepts to address workplace violence. It was built with some open-source software called Workplace Connections provided by the federal government at no cost. Workforce Connections began as an implementation of the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Co-Laboratory initiative which is joint program between DOL and DoD. Workforce Connections is a content creation and management set of tools that are compliant with both the ADL SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) and Americans with Disabilities Act Section 508.


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Mon, Mar 22, 2004

Searchable Conflict Resolution Education Research and Evaluation Bibliography

The third edition of Marsha Blakeway’s annotated bibliography of research on conflict resolution education is now available on the web thanks to a mini-grant from the CRInfo project. Most of the 460 entries have annotations written by the authors, by others who have assisted with this project or by Ms Blakeway. The collection includes information beginning in the early 1980’s on academic research published in dissertations and theses; U.S. Department of Education document references published in ERIC; and unpublished project evaluation reports prepared for school systems or for organizations that funded the project.


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Sat, Mar 20, 2004

Collection of Op-Ed Cartoons about Higher Education

NewsArt provides a steady stream of artwork drawn for the opinion section of various news outlets, and it includes a category of illustrations addressing higher education. Have a look at how some of the issues facing higher education get depicted graphically.(Also of interest may be the Peacekeeping section…)


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The Digital Agora - Acadia University Political Science Online Learning Space

Political Science students at Acadia University are invited to participate in the Digital Agora, an online learning space shared by students in the program. The site includes a variety of resources, including a nice tutorials section that covers topics such as “lateral mapping,” a technique for documenting the key ideas of a chapter or thesis. The students are invited to try doing this using powerpoint, and a variety of downloadable examples are provided from past classes (see for example this short powerpoint on the culture of peace

Also provided is set of short video clips of political scientists from across Canada discussing relevant topics. The list of these clips is provided below for reference, but must be accessed from within the frames of the Agora site to work properly.

List of Available Video Clips from Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities (COSSH) held Ottawa, Canada, 1998

Lloyd Axworthy - National Security, Civilians and War
Lloyd Axworthy - ICT and Landmines, ICT and Interests Groups
Douglas Brown - Federal and Provincial Relations, Constitutional Reform
Keith Brownsey - Major Political Parties, Third Parties
R. Kenneth Carty - ICT and Public Policy, Reinventing Public Policy
Don Carmicheal - Conflicting Rights
Jean Charest - National Political Parties, Common Good
Jean Charest - National Unity
Honorable Stephane Dion - Quebec Unity, Multiple Identities
Walter Dorn - ICT and the United Nations, Role of Information
Christopher Dunn - New Public Management, Downsizing
Larry Fisk - Peace Research
Thomas Flanagan - Reform Party
Chad Gaffield - Knowledge-based Society, Role of Social Sciences and Humanities
Mark Sproule-Jones - Human Behaviour
Mark Sproule-Jones - Environmental Issues, Role of Social Sciences
Peter Langille - Defense, Definitions of Security and Environmental Security
Peter Leslie - Globalization, Regional Trading Blocks, Harmonization of Rules
Peter Leslie - Comparitive, European Union and Quebec
Heather MacIvor - Women and Politics
Mary Louise McAllister - Multi-stakeholder approach, Environmental Studies, Balancing Interests
Alan McDougall - Hegemonic Structures, Political Discourse, Rules and Structures, Marginalization
Kenneth McRoberts - National Unity, Federal Provincial Relations, Quebec
Michael Mehta - Pornography of the Net, ICT Users
John Meisel - ICT, Knowledge society
Vincent Mosco - ICT and Public Policy, Information Highway
Hanna Newcombe - Peace Solutions
Leslie A. Pal - ICT and Interest Groups
Thomas Pockington - Citizenship, Role of Political Science
Greg Poelzer - First Nations People, Public Sector Decision-making
Leonard Preyra - Political Parties, Third Parties, Multi-Party systems
Marc Renaud - Communications Revolution, Globalization, Role of Research
Grace Skogstad - Harmonization, Multi-national Corporations, Free Trade
Denis Stairs - ICT and Foreign Policy, ICT and Interest Groups, Communications Revolution
Garth Stevenson - English Minority in Quebec, Quiet Revolution, Language and Politics, Public Input
Ron Stewart - Health
Ron Stewart - Health Care Reform
Hugh Thorburn - Civics, Canadian Politics
Lisa Valentine - Political Discourse, Communication Studies, Constructing Identity
Jerry White - Health Care
Alan Whitehorn - Role of the Left, Social Democracy, Quality of Life
Robert Williams - Necessity of Political Science, Policy Stakeholders


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Virtual Classroom - A 7th Grade Teaching Experience Simulation

The Acadia University Teaching and Learning with Technology group hosts a virtual learning environment designed to help prepare new classroom teachers. It includes many videos, some of classroom interactions, and others of advice from mentors or other teachers. The goal of the Virtual Learning Environment is to simulate a typical Grade Seven classroom, with you in the role of a student teacher in charge of the classroom. To work properly, it requires Internet Explorer 6 and Quicktime 6, so you have to be on a PC with rather up to date equipment to experience it as it was designed. You can get a flavor for it by viewing this movie clip of a challenging situation (presented out of context here), which is then followed by inviting you to pick one of 4 choices, and then see another movie that plays out the choices (see the enactment of choice 4 - “Refuse to answer, but don’t send the student out of the class”)  - and then the follow-up from the course guide .


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Fri, Mar 19, 2004

Insta-Protest Flash-based Protest Sign Printer Application

The Insta-Protest website provides 200 different protest messages that you can select by category and then boldly print to take to your public event of choice.


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Thu, Mar 18, 2004

Howtoons- Creative How-to Fun Guides

Howtoons are one-page cartoons showing 5-to-15 year-old kids “How To” build things. Each illustrated episode is a stand-alone fun adventure accessible to all, including the pre-literate. Howtoons are designed to encourage children to be active participants in discovering the world through Play-that-Matters—fun, creative, and inventive—and to rely a lot less on mass-consumable entertainment. Learn how to build a hover hockey set, or a marshmellow shooter! Also included are videos of folks doing cool stuff.


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Tue, Mar 16, 2004

Australian Online Learning Toolbox - Interacting with Clients Example

The Village layout is the starting place for one of several learning units in the Alcohol and Drug Abuse sector. Click on the Coffee Shop to go through a workshop on interacting with clients. This includes information on questioning, rapport building, etc. These tools are part of the ANTA Toolbox collection, a set of materials developed by the Customized Training Development group in Australia.

This page explains the basic village metaphor and how to use it.


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Fri, Mar 12, 2004 Offers Self-Updating Topic Lists for Your Site

A new service known as MyStack is using RSS to track search results. You can search the “blogosphere” for keywords of interest, and then have this translated into a javascript “includes” that make a list of “hits” on your search terms, with the newest at the top. Here’s one I just created for “student” and “protest”. It will gradually grow to my set limit of 8 items as often as PubSub updates their search index (hourly?) and new matching items are found.


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Wed, Mar 10, 2004

Creating a Learning Object on Dealing with Classroom Conflict

McMaster University is participating in a regional network of universities that are developing a learning objects repository. They developed a learning object on managing classroom conflict, and their story about the process of making a LO is available online, outfitted with video interviews to boot. In it, the Learning Technologies Resource Centre (LTRC) staff from McMaster University talks about how the learning object, “Managing Conflict in the Classroom”, was created.


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