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Wed, Nov 26, 2003

Super Conflict Resolution Metasearch Tool updated

Our super Metasearch LaunchPad has been updated, and it STILL provides quick access to both the Education and Conflict Resolution field’s online searchable databases and web search tools.

Using this tool, you can preload your search term and then get one click for results in all of the following Education oriented searchs: AltaVista Education Domains; DOE EDWeb; Education World; Google Education Domains;; World Lecture Hall online syllabi collection; Center for History and New Media syllabi finder; (free full-text article collection); ERIC; and

Also cued up will be access to these specialized Conflict Resolution Search Tools: CRInfo’s Webinator Index (text search of all of CRInfo’s Web Links);  CRInfo’s Main Catalog; Campus Mediation Websites across the web; ERIC (w Special Focus placed on Higher Ed & Conflict Resolution); the Social Science Information Gateway’s Harvester database (includes keyword “conflict”); Harvard Program on Negotiation Clearinghouse; Articles Collection; Restorative Justice Web’s MetaSearch (index of +40 RJ websites); Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence Resources Database;; JURIST Legal Education Network Documents Library; Articles Collection; the Conflict Resolution Center International Library (demo mode); CADRE-The National Center on Dispute Resolution Resources Collection; CADRE Online Audio Collection; CAADRS Court-Related ADR Resource Database; Online Library; sites; INCORE Ethnic Conflict Research Digest; Indiana Conflict Resolution Institute Articles Summary Database; and the International Boundaries Research Unit Database (reports on border disputes since 1991).


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Wed, Nov 19, 2003

Starter Page for Finding Learning Objects

Brian Lamb at UBC has built a starter page for finding learning objects. As he describes it, you’ll find “a selection of reasonably well-stocked repositories and resource collections.  If you wish to incorporate previously developed (and usually freely available) resources into your teaching or learning, or if you are looking for ideas and interested in what’s available, the collections below may be of interest.”


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Mon, Nov 17, 2003

e-book - Democracy and Deep-Rooted Conflict: Options for Negotiators

The free online e-book Democracy and Deep-Rooted Conflict: Options for Negotiators is edited by Peter Harris and Ben Reilly with a Foreword by Kofi A. Annan. IDEA handbook The book is designed to address the “dearth of practical advice for policy-makers on how to design and implement democratic levers that can make peace endure. Conflict is a normal part of any healthy society, but a great deal of attention has been focused in recent years on how to prevent conflict, and less on finding peaceful methods of conflict management. In particular, there needs to be more attention given to the type of political choices that those negotiating an end to a period of violent conflict have to make to rebuild their country, and how they can build an enduring democracy - the only sustainable form of government - from the ashes of conflict.” The e-book is published by the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA).


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Thu, Nov 13, 2003

New Academic Conflict Resolution Skills Website

A new Conflict Resolution Information Site has been established through the joint efforts of the Office of Human Resource Development and Office of Quality Improvement at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a resource to enhance the skills of faculty, staff, and students as they seek to manage conflicts that occur in the campus community and build a positive campus climate. Key Sections include the following:
About Conflict offers basic definitions and assumptions about conflict and related terms, as well as some core concepts that should be understood when addressing workplace disputes.
Common Problems poses several frequently asked questions, offering practical strategies for responding to them.
8 Steps for Conflict Resolution outlines a useful process for responding to conflicts, including strategies for preparing to negotiate and determining whether an issue is appropriate for such an approach. These steps are linked to additional pages that provide more in-depth information.
Best Practices Have a Process provides examples of processes that are frequently successful in complex situations, disputes that should be addressed by a third party mediator, considerations for department chairs, and strategies for creating an affirming environment in which to negotiate.
Simulations, Exercises and Resources offers additional tools and processes that can enhance your understanding of conflict, video clips with further discussion of key issues, and a link to a discussion board that may expand our learning opportunities.


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Don’t Look Now, the Dean is Watching - article on campus internet surveillance

A recent article by Annalee Newitz appearing at the Salon website may interest readers of this blog. Entitled “Don’t look now, but the dean is watching”, the article begins “Pressured by the double whammy of feds looking for terrorists and the music industry chasing file sharers, universities are keeping a close eye on student Internet use. Last March, a protest against arms manufacturer Raytheon at the University of New Hampshire was derailed by campus administrators who had been covertly monitoring the e-mail list of a student group called the Peace and Justice League…”


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Building Online Communities resource site

The website provides a lot of useful information. An example of this is the Building Online Communities reference section. Whether the goal is an online meeting or the creation of a global network, the resources collected here will help groups: choose the appropriate collaboration tools, develop facilitation techniques, and plan a strategy for successfully working together online.


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Wed, Nov 05, 2003

News Quake Maps World Headlines

NewsQuakes is billed as “world news for the lazy.” You hover over the colored rings noted on a world map to see the current headlines about that area and then click one one go to actual news article.


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Peace Corps World Wise Schools site

This lovely Peace Corps website offers many resources for educators and students.  Of particular interest is the downloadable curriculum on culture, Building Bridges: A Peace Corps Classroom Guide to Cross-Cultural Understanding. Use the site to Connect with a volunteer, find lesson plans relating to different countries, view video clips (requiring RealPlayer) of Peace Corps educational videos, and read folk tales recorded by Peace Corps volunteers.


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BNET Business White Papers includes CR and Mediation Topic Areas

BNET, “where busy business leaders find the select knowledge and tools to help solve their most important challenges at work,” has a searchable collection of online white papers, case studies and webcasts. They include a Conflict Resolution category and an Arbitration and Mediation category. Users must register to see more than abstracts for the more than 75 items found in each category.


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The Worst Album Covers Ever…?

Have a look at these bad album covers. What were the designers thinking???


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