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Sun, Jul 12, 2015

Common Ground for Action online forums

The well established National Issues Forums sponsored by the Kettering Foundation are adding an exciting new online component. The new platform, called Common Ground for Action forums, has been in the works for a couple years as experienced NIF facilitators worked with NIF and the Kettering Foundation to build a user-friendly online space for issues deliberation. The new platform looks great and a broad range of issues are available for deliberation.

This video provides a look at the platform in action:

Available Deliberation Topics
America’s Energy Future: How Can We Take Charge?
America’s Future: What Should Our Budget Priorities Be?
Bullying: How Do We Prevent It?
The Changing World of Work: What Should We Ask of Higher Education?
The Future of Work: How Should We Prepare for the New Economy?
Health Care: How Can We Reduce Costs and Still Get the Care We Need?
How Can We Stop Mass Shootings in Our Communities? (Issue Advisory)
Immigration in America: How Do We Fix a System in Crisis?
Medicare and Medicaid: How Can We Afford Them?
Mentall Illness in America: How Do We Address a Growing Problem?
Political Fix: How Do We Get American Politics Back on Track?
Social Security: How Can We Afford It?


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