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Wed, Jun 06, 2012

Database and Timeline of Global Nonviolent Actions

Swarthmore College, under the leadership of George Lakey, is now hosting the Global Nonviolent Action Database (GNAD) providing details on more than 500 examples of nonviolent actions used to protest, protect or change local practices. The database is a great resource for scholars of nonviolence and even better, it has been made available via a Creative Commons license. Recently as I was learning more about the use of Google Refine (a tool for cleaning up and repurposing large datasets) I decided to try using the GNAD dataset to build a timeline. Thanks to another open access project called Timeline.js I was able to produce an interactive timeline built from GNAD data. The timeline gets its data from a google spreadsheet built to serve as the datasource. To change the timeline,  you could just update the spreadsheet and it would be reflected in the timeline the next time it is viewed. The timeline.js tool lets you embed the resulting timeline in any website, making the final product shareable in other interesting ways. You can try out the results of my project here.


Posted by: Bill Warters on 2012 06 06 | Filed under Learning Objects  Research Tools  

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