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Fri, Feb 24, 2012

Univ of Ottawa Conflict Resolution blended learning course materials

The University of Ottawa Faculty of Law and Faculty of Medicine have been innovators in the development of blended learning materials on the topic of conflict resolution for law students and medical personnel (see this CRQ article for more on the back story). The good news is that these materials are now freely available online for review and use by educators. Developed in 2003 and 2005 in collaboration with the Centre for e-Learning at the University of Ottawa, the online resources are designed to complement face-to-face instruction and to more fully engage the learners via blended learning. The instructional modules are nicely sequenced with liberal use of audio and video elements to help connect the participant with the content. Short interactive queries and task assignments get the participant to apply the ideas themselves and to imagine the possibilities in their future work. Two different full courses are available, one focused on training medical professionals and the other for law students interested in mediation and interest-based dispute resolution techniques.

Four short videos posted at the Dispute Resolution and Professionalism site introduce the learning materials and methods. After viewing the introductory videos the site invites legal or medical educators, educational developers or instructors who teach dispute/conflict resolution to try out the full set of materials on their own. Educators are welcome to reuse the materials in their own instructional work with proper attribution. The resources can be used by educational, non-profit organizations as stand-alone online resources or in conjunction with face-to-face teaching.


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