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Sun, Dec 18, 2011

Slate’s Negotiation Academy Podcast

Slate has just released the full 10-episode Negotiation Academy audio podcast developed by business journalists Jill Barshay and Seth Stevenson based on their coursework at Columbia Business School. It is available via iTunes as well as via an online player. A wide variety of topics are covered and often they invite comments from guest negotiation specialists. The episode list is provided below.

Ep. 1: Who Sets the Price? - Released Oct 17, 2011
In Episode 1, they discuss who should set the opening price, with a little help from Duke behavioral economics professor Dan Ariely.

Ep. 2: Schmoozing and Other Starting Tricks - Released Oct 24, 2011
In Episode 2, they discuss crucial things to do BEFORE you start batting numbers around. Their guest this week is Columbia Business School negotiation professor Aaron Wallen.

Ep. 3: The Art (and Trickery) of Persuasion - Released Oct 31, 2011
In Episode 3, they discuss several key persuasive techniques you can use in the heat of any negotiation. Their guest this week is H. Rodgin Cohen, a legendary corporate negotiator.

Ep. 4: The Ticking Clock - Released Nov 06, 2011
In Episode 4, they discuss how the physical setup of a negotiation, including the room, the refreshments, and a timed deadline, can help you get what you want. Their guest this week is veteran diplomat Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Ep. 5: Dealing with Jerks - Released Nov 13, 2011
In Episode 5, they discuss how to haggle with jerks, liars, and stubborn mules. Their guest this week is Columbia Business School’s Donna Hitscherich.

Ep. 6: Closing the Deal - Released Nov 20, 2011
In Episode 6, business journalists Jill Barshay and Seth Stevenson give you tips on how to close a negotiation and get the best overall deal. Their guest this week is Lt. Jack Cambria, who heads the NYPD’s hostage negotiation team.

Ep. 7: The Gender Divide - Released Nov 24, 2011
In Episode 7, Barshay and Stevenson examine the particular challenges and advantages women have when they go into a negotiation. They also consider what men should keep in mind when facing a female negotiator.

Ep. 8: Haggling Over Real Estate - Released Dec 04, 2011
In Episode 8, Barshay and Stevenson reveal the tactics you should know when buying and/or selling real estate. It turns out these transactions can be some of the trickiest, and most emotional, you’ll ever face. Their guests are real estate agents Melissa Chen and Sam DeFran.

Ep. 9: Negotiating with Kids - Released Dec 11, 2011
In Episode 9, Barshay and Stevenson discuss when and how you should negotiate with children. Like it or not, they know the basic rules of haggling almost from birth. We hear from child psychologist Mark Sossin and Lt. Jack Cambria, of the NYPD hostage negotiation team.

Ep. 10: Your Salary, and How to Raise It - Released Dec 18, 2011
In the final episode of the series, Barshay and Stevenson discuss one of the most important negotiations many of us encounter: bargaining for our own salaries. Guests this week include Columbia Business School professor Aaron Wallen, human resources expert Greta Green-Gentile, and employment negotiator Jotham Stein.


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