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Thu, Nov 10, 2011

National Mediation Board Online Grievance Mediation Training

The National Mediation Board provides dispute resolution support for the railway and airline industries. They provide training, facilitation and direct mediation services based on an interest-based bargaining model. Recently I discovered a nice learning module that introduces new users to their grievance mediation program.

In addition to a review of the overall grievance mediation process, viewers are presented with a case study example.

“Moving Expenses” - A Grievance Mediation Example
The program consists of a Flash movie containing instructional content, together with eight short video presentations (in the wmv format) offering an example of a GM session. 
Convening the parties (4:55)
Presenting the case (4:46)
Issue Statement (3:49)
Interests (3:24)
Options (4:26)
Caucuses (4:36)
Consensus (7:44)
Closing (1:07)



Posted by: Bill Warters on 2011 11 10 | Filed under Conflict Resolution  Learning Objects  

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