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Tue, Jul 26, 2011

Bioethics Mediation: A Guide to Shaping Shared Solutions

A revised and expanded edition of the book Bioethics Mediation: A Guide to Shaping Shared Solutions by Nancy Neveloff Dubler and Carol Liebman has recently been published by Vanderbilt University Press with support from the United Hospital Fund. A first edition came out in 2004 and this update was released in 2011. The updated book includes case examples and a practical guide to mediating bioethic disputes as well as sample role plays for practice. Cases include situations such as the following: the family is demanding care that is not in the best interest of the patient; the family, in derogation of a living will, wants everything done for the patient; the patient is refusing care and is not capable of making that decision; or the physician is insisting on care that the family claims the patient would refuse if the patient were capable. Heart wrenching stuff, but clearly there ways a facilitator/mediator with conflict resolution skills could be of assistance.

I came across a web-viewable (but not downloadable) version of the book on Scribd today, so you can have a look for yourself.

Bioethics Mediation: A Guide to Shaping Shared Solutions, Revised and Expanded Edition



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