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Thu, Jun 16, 2011

Video - 10 Tactics for Turning Information into Action

The 50-minute video 10 Tactics for Turning Information into Action provides a very accessible international overview of ways to use information technology to promote social change. First published in 2009, 10 Tactics features 35 info-activism stories told from the point of view of advocates in 24 different countries including Lebanon, India, Tunisia, Egypt, Kenya, Indonesia, South Africa and the UK. The film is the project of the Tactical Technology Collective.

Here’s the list of 10 Tactics discussed. Each can be viewed individually, and each has an associated information card that spells out that tactic in more detail.
1. mobilise people
2. witness and record
3. visualise your message
4. amplify personal stories
5. just add humour
6. manage your contacts
7. use complex data
8. use collective intelligence
9. let people ask the questions
10. investigate and expose


Posted by: Bill Warters on 2011 06 16 | Filed under Conflict Resolution  Learning Objects  

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