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Mon, Apr 25, 2011

Mediating University Workplace Disputes: ADR in Unionized Universities (video)

This 21-minute video, produced in 2001, introduces viewers to the use of mediation at the University of Hawaii Manoa campus, but it is useful as an exemplar of campus mediation more broadly. Narrated by David Chandler, the video follows a sample faculty/staff dispute through the process of mediation, starting with intake and then on to mediation. Various campus officials endorse the use of mediation on this unionized campus, explaining how mediation fits into the broader dispute resolution system. It was produced by the Program on Conflict Resolution at the University of Hawaii. At the time, a CD was produced that could be set via campus mail to people considering using the mediation service.



Posted by: Bill Warters on 2011 04 25 | Filed under Conflict Resolution  

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