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Sat, Apr 09, 2011

Audio Files from 2010 Australian National Mediation Conference

More than 50 sessions were recorded at the National Mediation Conference held in Adelaide, AU September 6-10 2010. This was the 10th annual mediation conference there and the wealth of experience is obvious in the session topics covered. The full list of audio files are available here.


A Sampling of Sessions (with links to the audio file in the session number)

Session 1: Benchmarking Mediation: Experienced Mediators Offer Advice About Overcoming Challenges Frequently Encountered in Mediation - Susan Raines, Kennesaw State University, USA

Session 18: Entering the surf: mediation in the shark-infested waters of organisations. David Bryson, David Bryson & Associates Pty Ltd

Session 22b: Mediation and negotiation across the fence: Aboriginal and non-indigenous mediation practice Craig Jones

Session 27: Sticks and stones will break my bones, and names will also hurt me: An exploratory study of managers accused of workplace bullying. Moira Jenkins ‘Aboto’, Psychology and Workplace Conflict Management

Session 32b: Navigating uncharted waters: culturally appropriate conflict resolution education with local co-trainers - Serge Loode, Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies

Session 37c: Telephone Dispute Resolution Utilising Co-Mediation Tdr Co Waiting Waiting Waiting - Bias Bias Bias-Blame Blame Blame Complaints!!!. Jean-Marcel Elizer Malliat MDR;Naomi Holtring MDR InterMEDIATE Dispute Management

Session 38b: Workshop: Mediation and qualitative research interviewing - commonalities and differences. Patricia Marshall, MEL Conflict and Educational Consultancy


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