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Sun, Feb 20, 2011

Conflict Resolution Network (Australia) E-Learning Course and Video Playlist

The Australian Conflict Resolution Network has provided free conflict resolution training materials for quite some time. The latest initiative of the CRN is an E-Learning Certificate Course in Conflict Resolution. While it is not free (~$125 U.S.), probably due to the costs of paying instructors to monitor and support the learning, it may provide a valuable distance learning option for folks interested in a well-structured model for enacting conflict resolution skills. This pdf provides a snapshot of the course. I note that they are using Moodle, the open source learning management platform to deliver the course. 

Of particular interest to some people will be the training videos clips illustrating core concepts that are part of the support material for the course, available via a YouTube channel.



Posted by: Bill Warters on 2011 02 20 | Filed under Conflict Resolution  

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