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Wed, Dec 29, 2010

Undergraduate Essay Contest - Conflict Resolution and Social Media

The University of Oregon’s Master’s Program in Conflict and Dispute Resolution hosts an annual undergraduate essay contest focused on conflict resolution. The competition, known as the Cheyney Ryan Peace and Conflict Studies Essay Contest, offers a prize of $500 to the top 3 submitted essays which will be published on their website, on and possibly elsewhere.


The deadline for submissions is January 15th, 2011. The essays have a maximum length of 2500 words. The 2010/2011 Essay Topic Essay Topic is as follows:

Social media, as the words say, are about relationship and communication. Facebook, Twitter, and the like provide a means of connection and interaction between individuals and among groups. Understanding how social media shape human interactions may provide insights into conflict and conflict resolution. This year’s Cheyney Ryan essay contest topic invites submissions that consider conflict and conflict resolution in the context of social media.

As you think through the topic, you can consider some of the following questions, or come up with other questions about the topic. How do the characteristics of social media influence the nature of communication and relationship among participants? What are the types of conflicts that arise in these communication contexts? Are they different in significant ways than the conflicts that arise in other social environments? What do these conflicts reveal about relationship and communication generally? Are there adjustments in the structure and use of social media that would improve them as settings for social interaction? How are social media used, or how might they be used, to facilitate the resolution of conflicts generated either within social media contexts or in other relationship settings? What other questions arise for you about the subject of social media and conflict and its resolution? Have you experienced conflict in the context of social media use and what is your assessment of that experience?

The full submission guidelines are posted here.


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