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Mon, Nov 01, 2010

EU Initiative for Peacebuilding Mediation Resources

imageThe European Union has an Initiative for Peacebuilding that includes a focus area on mediation and dialogue. This mediation group has released a dozen publications on mediation topics that may interest conflict intervenors.

They include lessons learned from specific mediation interventions as well as broader themes like the qualities of a good mediator and ways to include a focus on human rights within a mediation initiative.

The specific titles are listed below:

The European Union, transitional justice and peace mediation

Georgia?s Conflicts: What Role for the EU as Mediator?

What is a good mediator?: Personal insights on the essentials of a good mediator

Negotiating Peace in Indonesia: Prospects for Building Peace and Upholding Justice in Maluku and Aceh

Negotiating Peace in Nepal: Implications for Justice

Small steps, large hurdles: The EU?s role in promoting justice in peacemaking in the DRC

Engaging the EU in Mediation and Dialogue: Reflections and Recommendations

The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Lessons from the mediation efforts

Mediation and Dialogue: Official and Unofficial Strands

Perceptions of International Peace Mediation in the EU: A Needs Analysis

Evaluating Peace Mediation

The Private Diplomacy Survey 2008: Mapping of 14 Private Diplomacy Actors in Europe and America


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