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Sun, Oct 31, 2010

A Guide to Mediation - Enabling Peace Processes in Violent Conflicts

This 30-page booklet entitled A Guide to Mediation was developed by the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue in 2007. It provides an excellent illustrated overview of the use of mediation to build peace agreements. It explores the phases of a typical peace process and the dilemmas often faced by peacemakers, providing some helpful values,  principles and standards of best practice to guide a mediator’s work in these complex situations.


As the introduction explains:
“To meet these responsibilities, mediators and peace process specialists need to operate to a high standard of professional conduct which combines certain essential attributes: awareness of the context in which they are operating; good insight into their distinct role as third parties, and high levels of knowledge and skill in key technical areas. Integral to this professionalism, is the need for mediators and peace process specialists to employ astute moral and political judgement to guide their choices in important matters of substance, process and relationships in peace processes.”



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