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Thu, Sep 30, 2010

Conflict Prevention in the Multimedia Age - Report from the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2009

This July 2009 report from the second Global Media Forum hosted by Deutsche Welle brought together 1,200 participants from approximately 100 countries to the World Conference Center in Bonn. Representatives from the media, politics, business, and academia focused on x93Conflict Prevention in the Multi-media Age.x94 More than 50 sessions sought to answer the question “can the latest and most advanced communication technologies help to improve peace keeping and conflict prevention activities?” In addition to the keynotes given by Soon-Hong Choi, Assistant Secretary-General, Chief Information Technology Officer, United Nations and Howard Rheingold - Expert on Web-based Communities, workshops in the following tracks are summarized:
- Workshops on media freedom, transparency, democracy
- Workshops on media in Africa
- Workshops on technology/Internet
- Workshops on media traning, development, and production
- Symposium Re-Inventing journalism? Journalistic training in the social media age

The 285-page publication can be viewed online in a flash viewer and downloaded as a pdf if you create a login to the Issuu site where the document is hosted.



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