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Mon, May 10, 2010

FlatworldKnowledge Textbooks - Sample chapter on Conflict and Negotiations

One of the exciting new publishers in higher education is They bring a Web 2.0 and open source sensibility to textbook publishing. The books are readable online at no cost, and available in print versions (print on demand) for a reasonable cost. Faculty who adopt texts can modify/customize their versions prior to releasing them to students, providing for some much-needed flexibility in the textbook market.

As an example of the textbooks available in the current catalog that might interest readers of this blog, I point you to the Organizational Behavior text by Talya Bauer and Berrin Erdogan. In particular, check out the chapter on Conflict and Negotiations.


Also of interest is the related graphic novel that Bauer and her colleagues have developed to teach organizational behavior concepts in an accessible and interesting way. While you’ll have to purchase the book to get the chapter on conflict, you can view the chapter on Effective Communication for free online. See it embedded below.

Chapter 6: Effective Communication - Can you hear me?


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