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Sat, May 01, 2010

Videos from Maryland’s Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office (MACRO)

MACRO Logo  MACRO (Maryland’s Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office) has made three very interesting conflict resolution-related videos available on their website. 

Resolutionary People: A portrait of five mediators in different contexts (.wmv)
This video looks at mediation occuring in school, business, workplace, family and community contexts. One unique aspect of the video is that real mediations are included in video, rather than clips from staged simulations. It makes for interesting viewing.
clip from school mediation case

Connections: A high school culture change program (.wmv)
This video explores a diversity and community building initiative undertaken in a Maryland High School, following the school as they work toward a more inclusive and supportive climate.

How Shall We Mediate Thee: Several mediators handling the same dispute (.wmv)
This video was made by videotaping a wide range of mediators who all mediate the same staged dispute using trained actors as the disputants. You get to see different approaches to agenda setting, issue framing, etc. as the case progresses.


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