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Mon, Mar 22, 2010

Conflict Transformation - A Standards-Based Conflict Resolution Unit for Middle School Students

Conflict Transformation is a twelve-unit, thirty-six-hour course designed by Julie Morton and the Conflict Information Consortium at the University of Colorado to teach middle school students basic conflict transformation skills for personal, community, national, and international situations. The short stories, current events, class discussions, guided reading activities, and guided writing assignments make this course appropriate both for social studies and language arts classes. All of the stories and articles used in the course are available online, with the bulk of them coming from the Beyond Intractability project.

The basic structure of the course is explained in the overview: “Each lesson begins with an inductive beginning, intended to engage students in inquiry as active learners. The second part of each lesson involves two aspects: students will gain information about the theme of the lesson, and students will apply their knowledge in a structured and scaffolded activity. In this way students can practice their new knowledge immediately and clarify anything that is confusing for them. At the end of each unit, students will be asked to employ these new skills or ideas independently in a small simulation, discussion, negotiation, or writing piece.”


The course is structured as follows:
Unit 1: What is conflict?
Unit 2: Are conflicts harmful or helpful?
Unit 3: How does power affect conflict?
Unit 4: What is the nature of violence?
Unit 5: How do values shape conflicts?
Unit 6: How do conflicts escalate?
Unit 7: How do respect and humiliation shape conflict?
Unit 8: What is effective communication?
Unit 9: What is framing?
Unit 10: What is cooperative negotiation?
Unit 11: What is reconciliation?
Unit 12: How do we take action?


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