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Sat, Mar 13, 2010

Conflict Management and Active Listening - iStudy Modules from Penn State

Looks like I’m falling behind in my blogging. I probably need to work on my time management skills, something that the iStudy Modules from Penn State might help me with. The Teaching and Learning with Technology group at Penn State have built up a collection of learning modules entitled iStudy for Success! designed to support first-year students. The materials can be imported into the Penn State ANGEL course management system as part of regular courses, or reviewed outside of it without benefit of some of the activities that require a student login.


All of the module content is shared freely, including those that seem most relevant for our readers (see Life Skills section), namely:

Active Listening
Conflict Management
Cooperative Learning


Posted by: Bill Warters on 2010 03 13 | Filed under Learning Objects  

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