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Sun, Oct 18, 2009

SFCG Facilitator’s Guide - A Conversation about Conflict

Search for Common Ground promotes dialogue to help change the way people experience and interact in conflict. Back in 2003 they launched a series of conversations entitled A Conversation About Conflict around the general topic of our relationship to conflict. The facilitator’s guide is available online. As explained in the guide, “A Conversation About Conflict is intended to create a new awareness about conflict in our lives. Through exploring our experiences of conflict in a small, informal group setting, we discover the causes of conflict, the costs of conflict and alternate approaches to respond positively to conflict.”
Conversation About Conflict
The Conversation is divided into four sections:
- The Introduction Unit, requiring approximately ten minutes, provides a brief overview of the Conversation history, format and purpose.
- The Conflict Questionnaire Unit, requiring approximately twenty to thirty minutes, helps participants relate to the issue by examining how they deal with conflict in their daily lives.
- The Exploring Conflict Unit, requiring approximately forty to sixty minutes, broadens the discussion by providing five leading questions on the nature of conflict and different ways to deal with it.
- The Conclusion Unit, requiring approximately fifteen minutes, brings the conversation to a close, encourages the completion of the feedback form and invites interested participants to become involved.


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