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Sat, Oct 03, 2009

Mediation Case Law Database (downloadable spreadsheet)

James Coben and Peter Thompson at Hamline University did a comprehensive review of law suits related to the practice of mediation from 1999-2005 and they present it all for our use in the Mediation Case Law Database, available for download as an excel file. The collection includes data on 2219 cases divided into the following categories:

Personal Injury/Tort
Family Law
Employment (including harassment and discrimination claims)
IDEA Claims

The collection nice categorizes more than 1,000 court opinions on law suits arising from mediation, e.g., suit for enforcement of an alleged mediation agreement, mediation sanctions, duty to mediate, mediation confidentiality, mediation ethics or malpractice in the conduct of the mediation, mediation/arbitration issues, fees, or other issue.

Perhaps that ADR malpractice insurance is worth keeping up-to-date after all…


Posted by: Bill Warters on 2009 10 03 | Filed under Research Tools  

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