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Sun, Sep 13, 2009 Peacebuilding Web Toolkit for Trainers

The Catholic relief organization Caritas has developed a nice collection of training materials designed to support Peacebuilding activities. The Peacebuilding Web Toolkit for Trainers is organized into a set of Resource Kits comprised of sample activities and workshop agendas, as well as handouts and more organized modules covering key topics. The Resource Kits currently available include
Resource Kit on Negotiation
Resource Kit on Nonviolence
Resource Kit on Making Aid Build Peace (Integration)
The Kits provide a nice modular addition/alternative to the Caritas Peacebuilding Training Manual, also available online. Because the Kits have been built on a wiki, adding new kits and updating existing ones shouldn’t prove to be too difficult.



Posted by: Bill Warters on 2009 09 13 | Filed under Learning Objects  

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