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Tue, Sep 08, 2009

Building Blocks of Peace Curriculum

image Developed by the Institute for Economics and Peace, keepers of the Global Peace Index, the Building Blocks of Peace is a 4-part series of downloadable teaching materials on issues surrounding global peace.

Available as separate modules or a combined curriculum, the teaching aids guide students to understand global peace and discover their own solutions to violence and conflict.

Unlike many traditional peace education materials, the modules go beyond conflict resolution to explore the broader meaning of global peace and its impact on our daily lives.

Module 1: An Understanding of Peace
Explore the factors that influence a countryx92s peacefulness and why peace is more than simply the absence of war.

Module 2: Peace and Sustainability
Understand the impact of peace on global sustainability through a focus on water access and management.

Module 3: Education and Peace
Investigate the important role education plays in supporting a countryx92s peacefulness.

Module 4: The Peace Industry
Examine the benefits of peace to business and the economy through an exploration of tourism and retail industries.


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