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Mon, Aug 10, 2009

Beyond Intractability Project now offering powerpoint summaries of key concepts

The information-rich Beyond Intractability website is now featuring online flash and downloadable powerpoint slide shows briefly summarizing core conflict topics from their knowledge base of topical essays. In addition to being a good way to get up to speed on an idea, these might be of real interest to faculty teaching conflict-related courses. Imagine, for instance, asking different students in your class to pick a topic from the list of ones offering slides, research the topic in more depth using the provided essay and related links at the site, and then give a class presentation summarizing the ideas. Everyone could learn something along the way.

The quickest way to locate the knowledge base topics with slide summaries is to use the search box at the top of the site and search for “powerpoint”. I found 37 in my recent search.
search results example

Some of the summaries are quite short, but most are illustrated with relevant photos and they provide a good jumping off point for discussion and critique or refinement of the ideas presented based on related content you might be covering in other ways. It is great to see this kind of content sharing.

essay with powerpoint summary link highlighted


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