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Tue, Jun 09, 2009

Coaching Boys Into Men - Family Violence Prevention Fund Coaches Kit

playbook coverThe Family Violence Prevention Fund has produced a great new resource for coaches interested in raising healthy young men while promoting respect and the prevention of violence against women. The new Coaches Corner website provides a range of materials and advice, including a downloadable kit with a “Playbook” and discussion cards for addressing inappropriate behaviors. A series of tangible scenarios are presented, with suggested approaches a coach might take.

Here’s part of the description from the website:
Every coach is in a position that allows him to directly influence the attitudes of his athletes and to help eliminate the disrespectful perceptions of women and girls that are at the heart of this tragic problem. The purpose of this Playbook is to provide you with coaching tips, advice and useful anecdotes from great coaches and players to help you take this issue head on.

As a related aside, another nice resource available from the FVPF for Father’s Day is the website providing lots of good ideas and support for building respectful relationships at home and in the community. An e-card with words of respect can be sent to Dads from the site. I particularly liked the Dinner Table Talk handout on the families page.



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