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Sun, May 24, 2009

Article on Core Competencies for Graduate Programs in Conflict Studies

The just released special issue of the International Review of Education journal focusing on Education for Reconciliation and Conflict Resolution includes an interesting article by John Windmueller, Jannie Botes and Ellen Kabcenell Wayne from the University of Baltimore’s Program in Negotiations and Conflict Management. It explores a topic that I have addressed in years past, namely core competencies for graduate programs in conflict studies, both in my own research and as Editor of the Conflict Management in Higher Education Report.

Here’s the details and the abstract:

Special Issue: Education for Reconciliation and Conflict Resolution
International Review of Education
Volume 55, Numbers 2-3 / May, 2009 (pages 285-301)

Core Competencies: The Challenge For Graduate Peace and Conflict Studies Education
John Windmueller, Ellen Kabcenell Wayne and Johannes (Jannie) Botes

Abstract - This article uses a case study of the assessment of a graduate program in negotiations and conflict management as a springboard for discussing several critical, but unanswered questions in our field. It raises questions regarding the lack of clear core competencies and expectations regarding curricula at the graduate-level of peace and conflict studies programs, as well as concerns over how educators in this field can or should assess their own work and train students for practice. It also addresses, via a comparative case analysis in Tajikistan, the degree to which the competencies and pedagogical approaches in this field are culturally bound. The picture that emerges from these case studies suggests that there have been important omissions in the way that the varied educational programs and the larger peace and conflict studies field itself have developed thus far.


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