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Mon, May 11, 2009

Take 2 - Conflict Zones Video Edited by Student Teams

Take 2 Logo  Take 2 Videos is a nonprofit organization dedicated to getting high school and college students involved in global issues through the use of digital media. Each year, professional-quality video footage is made available to educational institutions free of charge. Participating students edit this high-definition video in classroom projects, gaining video journalism experience while researching and debating the complexities of the current crisis with their peers and educators. Students ultimately take their work on the road to educate a wider audience as part of the advocacy requirement. To see the student/teacher collaborative site, go to

Take 2 has sent a professional field producer (Karin Muller) to a different global conflict zone for three months. The producer learns the principal local language, travels alone, and lives among the people she is filming. The result is in-depth footage rarely seen on the nightly news or even PBS specials. So far they have filmed in Sudan (2008) and Cuba (2009) with Gaza being covered in 2010-2011.

Map of participating schools


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