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Fri, Apr 24, 2009

Mediation - Six Ways Video Clips

Mediation: Six Ways in Seven Days is a book by Hans Boserup, a lawyer and mediator and trainer in Denmark. The book was written to support an advance seven day workshop that would explore 6 different varieties of mediation in some detail, acknowledging that mediation is now practiced with many different styles. Boserup covers Generic, Settlement-Driven, Cognitive-systemic, Transformative, Humanistic and Narrative models in his book, and he and his publisher have developed a website to accompany the publication. What is particularly interesting about the site (apparently a work still in progress) is that they have attempted to identify and post a wide ranging set of video clips that illustrate the various styles in action. The clips are taken from longer videos, some that I have seen before and some that I haven’t. Frankly, not all the clips playback properly (at least on my mac laptop), but most do, and when they work it provides an interesting look into various mediation approaches.

Mediation: Six Ways in Seven Days


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