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Mon, Mar 09, 2009

Negotiation and mediation techniques for natural resource management

This nicely illustrated guide, available online and as a downloadable pdf in both English and French, was written by Antonia Engel and Benedikt Korf in 2005 for the Livelihood Support Programme of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The publication offers practical guidance on how to establish and manage a process of consensual negotiations involving multiple stakeholders in collaborative natural resource management and other livelihood projects. In particular, it focuses on conflict situations where a third party (mediator) is asked to assist in order that consensual negotiations can take place and work effectively. The core objectives include:
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- explain how natural resource conflicts can affect (positively and negatively) collaborative natural resource management and sustainable livelihoods;

- introduce different conflict management approaches (e.g. customary, legal, alternative) to assist decision-making about which approach is most appropriate;

- introduce the principles of consensual negotiations as a methodology for dealing constructively with natural resource conflicts;

- outline the process and techniques for consensual negotiations;

- sensitize mediators about their roles and responsibilities as third parties in consensual negotiation.

The guide is arranged into 8 sections and three appendix, as noted below.

Section 1: An introduction to natural resource conflicts, collaborative management and sustainable livelihoods
Section 2: Managing conflict
Section 3: Process map for consensual negotiations
Section 4: Entry
Section 5: Analysing conflict
Section 6: Broadening stakeholder engagement
Section 7: Negotiations and building agreements
Section 8: Exit
Annex 1: Collaborative natural resource management
Annex 2: Field guide to conflict analysis
Annex 3: Case studies


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