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Sun, Feb 08, 2009

Videos on Personal Harassment in the Workplace - Saskatchewan Working Well series

In 2007 the definition of workplace harassment in Saskatchewan’s Occupational Health and Safety Act was expanded beyond actions based on age, race, creed, etc. (prohibited grounds) to include a new category called personal harassment. The Saskatchewan Ministry of Advanced Education, Employment and Labour developed a program called Working Well that supports this expanded definition by focusing on eliminating personal harassment in the workplace.

Working Well As explained in the policy, personal harassment “is sometimes referred to as ‘bullying’. This includes any inappropriate conduct, comment, display, action or gesture by a person that:
* adversely affects a worker’s psychological or physical well being; and,
* the perpetrator knows or ought to reasonably know would cause the worker to be humiliated or intimidated.
Personal harassment must involve repeated conduct or a single, serious incident that causes a lasting harmful effect on the worker. Personal harassment may include:
* Verbal or written abuse or threats
* Insulting, derogatory or degrading comments, jokes or gestures
* Personal ridicule or malicious gossip
* Unjustifiable interference with another’s work or work sabotage
* Refusing to work or co-operate with others
* Interference with or vandalizing personal property”

The Ministry has released a series of short online videos and an Employers Guide  and an Employee Brochure to assist workers and employers in understanding, identifying and addressing these kinds of problems. The clearly written text and well-acted videos provide a nice set of tools for employers and consultants.

The Four Videos, available in low and high quality versions, include:
Personal Harassment by a co-worker: Jennifer and Lorraine
Personal Harassment by a Customer: Todd and Christine
Personal Harassment by a Manager
Reasonable Managerial Action: Rick and Joe


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