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Wed, Jan 28, 2009

Extending Mediation article re-posted as a “ThoughtMesh”

I took the time today to enter (and slightly update) an older piece I’ve written on Extending Campus Conflict Resolution Efforts Beyond the Mediation Table into the ThoughtMesh system. It seemed like a good piece to use to test the tagging and segmenting abilities of this interesting publishing platform. The tool is part of the Vectors Journal project that brings together writers and new media designers who create something new for display in the journal.

ThoughtMesh was “created as a collaboration between Jon Ippolito and Craig Dietrich, aiming to facilitate the intelligent parsing and tagging of the content of academic articles hosted either externally on the net at large or internally on the Thoughtmesh server. The system then generates connections via tag clouds of the contents of all articles tagged using Thoughtmesh protocols.” A quicktime movie demonstrating the tool in use is available to help people get started.

Article on ThoughtMesh
The ThoughtMesh system permits you to export your document and host it on your own webspace, so I’ve also posted a local copy, in a different style.


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