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Fri, Dec 19, 2008

Global Peace Builders’ Catalogue of Approaches to Peacebuilding

The Global Peace Builders project has put together a nice illustrated snapshot of various approaches to peacebuilding, selecting 18 examples from different parts of the world. The focus is on projects working to create the conditions for sustainable peace in their communities. As they explain,
global peacebuilders logo “The catalogue is not an all-encompassing listing of the ‘key’ international peacebuilding approaches or an exhaustive evaluation of the ‘best’ of peacebuilding practice from across the world. It is a brief glimpse of the peacebuilding activity currently taking place, and offers an insight into just some of the many important approaches to peacebuilding currently being implemented locally and worldwide, at a grassroots, community, national or international level.”

Get the English language version of the catalog here. It is available in Spanish, French and Portuguese as well.


Posted by: Bill Warters on 2008 12 19 | Filed under Research Tools  

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