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Tue, Oct 21, 2008

Captain Awareness - Comic Book on Campus Sexual Assault Prevention

Captain Awareness is a superhero dedicated to raising student awareness and battling real-life problems that plague society.

CAPTAIN AWARENESS: ASSAULT ON CAMPUS was the first issue in the series. “Based on a survivor’s true story, it has been written in conjunction with the American Women’s Self-Defense Association and has been reviewed and approved by the American College Counseling Association and various other organizations.�CAPTAIN AWARENESS is published in full color, with text features on assault prevention, and additional artwork that has been donated by such top graphic artists as Norm (BATMAN) Breyfogle, Dan (SUPERMAN) Jurgens, George (TEEN TITANS) Perez, Trina (WONDER WOMAN) Robbins, and Mike (SPIDER-MAN) Wieringo.”

See the Artwork Preview links for images from the issue.



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