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Sat, Sep 13, 2008

Papers from the International Peace Research Association 2008 Conference

If you are interested in what has been happening in the peace research field, you’ll want to have a look at the papers presented at the International Peace Research Association conference held in July of 2008 in Belgium. A good way to sort them is by the commission that the paper was presented under. See list below.

Papers Sorted by IPRA Commission
Art and Peace Commission
Conflict Resolution and Peace-Building Commission
Eastern Europe Commission
Ecology and Peace Commission
Forced Migration Commission
Gender and Peace Commission
Global Political Economy Commission
Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Commission
Internal Conflicts Commission
International Human Rights Commission
Nonviolence Commission
Peace Culture and Communications Commission
Peace Education Commission
Peace History Commission
Peace Journalism Commission
Peace Movements Commission
Peace Theories Commission
Reconciliation Commission
Religion and Peace Commission
Security and Disarmament Commission
Youth and Peace Commission



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