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Sat, Aug 02, 2008

ABC’s of Group Work: Building Community in Schools

This 82-page workbook, available via the ERIC service, provides a set of 26 short lessons to help prepare high school and college students for group work. The kit was developed by J’Anne Ellsworth, an Associate Professor from the College of Education at Northern Arizona University.

As the abstract explains: “Each lesson begins with an explanation page, then an activity page gives the group an opportunity to work together and put the ideas into practice. The presentation combines linear sections with visual materials. Cooperative learning activities are included to prepare students to work effectively in learning communities. The material has a philosophy and description of human nature consistent with a constructivist view of education. Exercises are cross-disciplinary and can be taught as team building in any college setting. The topics include: activation; balance; cohesion; communication; compromise; conflict resolution; dimensions; effective conversing; evaluation; feelings; fight/flight; group development; honesty; humility and gratitude; interdependence and dependence; intimacy and boundaries; judgment; knowledge; listening skills; mutuality; needs; optimism; organization; patience; power; questioning; roles; structure; tasks; tolerance; understanding; verbalizing; wit; xenophobia; yearnings; and zeal.”


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