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Sat, Jun 14, 2008

Public Conflict Resolution: Turning Lemons into Lemonade (Training Guide)

image Public Conflict Resolution: Turning Lemons into Lemonade is a learning unit made available by the Southern Rural Development Center at Mississippi State University. The authors of the train-the-trainers tool, namely Ronald J. Hustedde (University of Kentucky), Steve Smutko (North Carolina State University) and Jarad J. Kapsa (Universtiy of Kentucky), have done a nice job putting together a full training package made up of 15 units (see table of contents below), each of which includes an instructors guide, overheads, handouts and powerpoint slides.

As the authors explain in their introduction, the material
“ designed to be taught and used primarily by extension educators, community officials, and citizen leaders. The basic goal of the manual is to give workshop participants the applicable knowledge and skills to help teach others how to identify, understand, manage, and when possible and desirable, to resolve conflicts within their own communities. The materials that follow and the training sessions themselves are resources and guides. It is not our intention for Lemonade to be taken as a map on how to educate people to deal with conflict. These are concepts and skills that training participants can adapt to meet the needs of their constituency. Just as every community faces unique conflicts, so must the precise manner in which we confront and deal with conflict be of its own design.”

Unit 1 The Benefits of Public Conflict
Unit 2 Conflict Styles and Strategies
Unit 3 Separating Interests From Positions
Unit 4 Reframing An Issue
Unit 5 Communicating For Active Listening
Unit 6 Communicating For… Speaking For Yourself
Unit 7 Steps of Collaborative Problem-Solving
Unit 8 Problem Solving As An Advocate
Unit 9 Problem Solving As A Neutral
Unit 10 Evaluating Options and Reaching Agreement
Unit 11 Forming Coalitions As An Advocate
Unit 12 Sources of Conflict
Unit 13 Building A Framework
Unit 14 Process Structures
Unit 15 Understanding Consensus
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