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Fri, Apr 11, 2008

Cool School: Where Peace Rules - Free CR Video Game for K-2

Cool School: Where Peace Rules is a high quality and free video game that teaches kids conflict resolution strategies. Targeted at children from Kindergarten through 2nd grade, the game is set in a fantastic school where all of the objects (chalk, erasers, books, etc.) come to life, depicting conflicts facing children every day. The game uses engaging, colorful characters and a vivid school setting to help children learn how to resolve these conflicts in a peaceful fashion.

The player gets to experiment with different solutions to the conflicts, eventually progressing through 52 different scenarios.  Children can roam freely throughout 10 activity areas of an animated school. These areas include:  the gym; the auditorium; the cafeteria; a classroom; the playground; the music room; the computer lab; the nurse?s office; the art room; and the library.  Each school location room has its own set of problems that the student player must help resolve.  After watching a conflict scenario unfold, the lead characters interact directly with children and seek their help to resolve the problem that has arisen.  Students are given four options to resolve the problem.  When students make correct choices, they are rewarded with trophies for the school trophy case and actual printable reward certificates that they can print, collect, and take home.

Cool School: Where Peace Rules was initially set into motion by Dr. Kathy Hanson of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service’s (FMCS) Youth Initiative. Cool School was written by game designer F.J. Lennon, based on scenarios and outcomes researched by Dr. Melanie Killen of the University of Maryland Center for Children, Relationships, and Culture. Provided supplemental lessons correspond to the Cool School game by reinforcing conflict resolution skills, vocabulary used in Cool School, and through character identification.

Some quick clips from the game can be viewed online from the game developer’s site.

The cross-platform game and supplemental curriculum materials are all available for free download thanks to web hosting from Curriki, the new Global Education Learning project built on wiki technology.



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