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Tue, Apr 08, 2008

Images of War and Peace from the International War Museum Collection

The International War Museum in the U.K. has been actively digitizing their collection (thanks to funds from the National Lottery) and posting materials online. Readers might especially appreciate the War and Peace Collections that focus on Peace Protests and Demonstrations, Conscientious Objectors, International Peace Efforts, War Crimes, and the Legacies of War and Reconstruction. Content include posters, photographs and audio, among others. For an audio example, here’s part of an interview with a woman (Kim Besly) who participated in the Greenham Commons protest camp - audio excerpt (scroll to bottom of listing for the listen to sound extract link).

Also particularly interesting is a section under propaganda on De-humanizing the Enemy.

War and Peace Collection


Posted by: Bill Warters on 2008 04 08 | Filed under Learning Objects  

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