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Sat, Mar 22, 2008

Facade - Interactive Game that Draws You into the Drama

A company called Interactive Story has created a “interactive drama of one act” called Facade in which you play as a party guest witnessing the unfolding of a marital conflict. You have no single objective: you can heighten the tension by flirting with one spouse or the other; try to reconcile the couple, or just watch as the scene unfolds. You interact with the game by moving around the apartment and picking up items or by typing comments to add to the dialogue. The game uses an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine to drive the game. Depending on what you say (or in this case type), the narrative goes in a different direction. The game is a free download, available for both Window and Macintosh platforms. The advanced nature of the characters’ AI may signal a coming change the gaming landscape, creating new opportunities for interaction and learning.

Conflict Resolution practitioners may find it challenging to be caught in the middle of a clearly conflicted relationship. How will you handle it?  Check out this video trailer from the game to get a better feel for the experience or download a copy and try it for yourself.


Posted by: Bill Warters on 2008 03 22 | Filed under Fun Stuff  

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