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Fri, Mar 14, 2008

A Glossary of Terms and Concepts In Peace and Conflict Studies (v2)

image The United Nations affiliated University for Peace has developed a glossary of terms that are commonly used in the peace and conflict studies field. This 80+ page document (available as a pdf) explains the terms in some detail and provides additional reading suggestions and information on key organizations in the field. The 2005 Second Edition was written by Christopher E. Miller and edited by Mary E. King.

Here’s the list of terms covered in the second (and current) version:
Accompaniment; Agency (human); Aggression; Ahimsa; Alliance; Alternative dispute resolution (ADR); Appeasement; Arbitration; Arms control; Asylum; Authority; Bargaining; Capitulation; Cease-fire; Civil disobedience; Civil society; Civilian-based defence; Compromise; Concession; Conciliation; Conflict; Conflict management; Conflict prevention; Conflict resolution; Conflict transformation; Containment; Coup d?état; Decommissioning of arms; De-escalation; Demilitarisation; Demobilisation of combatants; Détente; Deterrence; Diplomacy; Disarmament; Displaced person; Escalation; Failed state; Force; Game theory; Gender; Genocide; Grand strategy; Guerrilla warfare; Human rights; Idealism (philosophical and metaphysical); Ideology; Insurgency; Intervention; Just war, theory of; Kanye ndu bowi; Legitimacy; Liberalism; Liberation theology; Mechanisms of change; Mediation; Military-industrial complex; Negative-sum outcome; Negotiation; Non-cooperation; Non-proliferation; Nonviolence; Non-violent action; Pacifism; Paradigm; Peace; Peace building; Peace enforcement; Peace studies; Peacekeeping; Pillars of support; Political jiu-jitsu; Political power; Positive-sum outcome; Pre-negotiation; Realism; Reconciliation; Refugee; Rwanda International Criminal Tribunal; Sanctions; Satyagraha; Security; Social contract; Sources of power; Strategy; Structural violence; Tactics; Terrorism; Treaty; Truth (and reconciliation) commission; Ubuntu; Values and norms; War; War crimes; Weapons of mass destruction (WMD); Zero-sum game

Readers interested in learning more about the University for Peace might appreciate the short video found here.


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