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Mon, Mar 03, 2008

PeaceVoice Op-Ed Clearinghouse

PeaceVoice, a project of the Oregon Peace Institute, promotes writing and publishing short pieces on nonviolence, conflict resolution and peace in the public media. You write a short (450-500 words) opinion piece, and they work to get it published in the media. As the site describes, “Essentially, we are free literary agents to busy peace professionals. We believe that by presenting academically informed opinions that promote peace and nonviolent conflict resolution, we give the public one of the best, and most seriously absent, inoculants against war.”

When you visit the site you can read through previously published pieces and if you are a newspaper editor, you can review available, as yet unpublished items for consideration at your paper.

To learn more about the role of public peace intellectuals, readers are invited to download Tom Hastings? Power Point presentation to the Concerned Philosophers for Peace 2007 conference at Manchester College.  ?Public Peace Intellectuals: Where are they? Who Are they?.


Posted by: Bill Warters on 2008 03 03 | Filed under Conflict Resolution  

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