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Sat, Feb 09, 2008

Farmingville - Exploring Community Conflicts Over Day Laborers

The 2004 P.O.V. film Farmingville provides a wonderful window into community conflict over issues involving immigration and inexpensive labor. As explained on the Active Voice site using this film,

image“In 2001, the shocking hate-based attempted murders of two Mexican day laborers, smack in the middle of Long Island, NY, catapulted the town of Farmingville into national headlines. For nearly a year, filmmakers Carlos Sandoval and Catherine Tambini lived and worked in Farmingville in order to capture the turmoil on the new front line in the border wars: suburbia. Blending the stories of town leaders, residents, day laborers and activists on all sides of the debate, Farmingville is the first documentary to show how our laws and infrastructure are at odds with our increasingly globalized economy.”

Active Voice has created something called the Farmingville Campaign: Bridge-building resources for communities with day laborers that includes a Resource Guide, a Community Discussion Guide, and transcripts from a Brookings Institute seminar on the film and the conflict.

Also of interest are the educator materials provided by PBS in support of the film (available via NetFlix). This includes a classroom module that engages groups of students in a townhall debate process known as the “Farmingville” Lesson Plan: Debate with a Twist: A Town Hall Look at Immigrant Labor and Public Policy. The lesson plan is available as a pdf.


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