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Tue, May 08, 2018

CREducation Resource site updated, the resource rich clearinghouse for information on conflict resolution in educational settings has been moved to and updated to a new platform. Lots of good material here for educators K-12 and higher ed as well.


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Thu, Sep 15, 2016

Online Peer Mediation Project

The Online Peer Mediation Platform (OPMP) is a project sponsored by the JAMS Foundation, currently managed by the National Association of Peer Program Professionals and previously managed by the Association for Conflict Resolution’s Education, Research and Training Section.

The project seeks to train and support middle and high school (and now some college-age) peer mediators who want to work in an online environment using video chat platforms to resolve conflict. Students get to practice mediation skills and over time the project intends to offer services to schools that don’t have their own in-house peer mediation team, or those who would prefer an outside mediator for certain cases.

Noteable Resources
The Project has collected a nice and growing set of peer mediation tools and curriculum resources. Check the Resources Menu on the OPMP site for their collection of standards, useful links, research on peer mediation effectiveness, policies and laws, resources (e.g. curricula and videos). Also of interest are several video recordings of simulated online peer mediation sessions.

An article by project partner Judy Tindall provides more background on the program and it’s progress as of early 2016.


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Tue, Sep 13, 2016

Ukrainian Dialogue Support Platform

The European Forum for International Mediation and Dialogue as developed an interesting project using technology to support the work of face-to-face dialogue facilitators working in the Ukraine. The project is online at  Here’s a description of the initiative from the developers:

The Ukraine Dialogue Support Platform is an online and in-country platform that helps Ukrainian dialogue actors connect with each other, understand their needs, and communicate with national actors and the international community, utilising interactive, modern dialogue technologies.

Our goal is to generate positive thinking to help transform the conflict that has affected Ukraine since 2013, utilising modern technologies and dialogue expertise. We connect Ukrainian dialogue experts with people at all levels of society, allowing for horizontal dialogue, and fostering exchange with the policy level and the international community. Ultimately, the platform helps define options for regional engagement, reform, and a way forward. We do this through an in-country project that supports
local dialogue efforts and an online platform that allows us to map, analyse and present the results of these efforts and expand their reach.


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Conflict Resolution and Classroom Teaching Module from Pan Africa Collection

The OpenLearnWorks project in the UK hosts a wide variety of open educational resources and supports groups that want to build new content or remix older materials. I was interested to see a learning module within the Life Skills category on “Ways to Manage Conflict” developed by TESSA, a Pan-African working group. This module seeks to address “How can you manage conflict in your classroom and help pupils to manage disagreements?” and it is available for download and reuse in a really wide range of formats.


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Mon, Jul 25, 2016

PeaceTech Lab’s Open Situation Room Exchange

The PeaceTech Lab, spun off from the U.S. Institute for Peace, has released a new conflict monitoring and situational awareness platform called the Open Situation Room Exchange or OSRx for short. The project provides regularly updated visualizations of a growing number of datasets that previously were too complicated for conflict intervenors to access in meaningful ways without a tech staff and a data analysis budget. Available views include a global overview and country specific views. A recent interview with Noel Dickover, technical director of global network strategies at PeaceTech Lab provides some background on the goals of the project.

Real-time information: The OSRx pulls in real-time information from both social media and news sources. For social media analytics, we use Crimson Hexagon’s powerful ForSight platform to build social media monitors capture the conversation around conflict, and then send the results via Application Programming Interface (API) to the OSRx. They apply the Global Database of Events, Language and Tone (GDELT) dataset for news analytics. Real-time information includes word clouds, topic wheels and line charts on social media volume and the instability of news coverage.

Structured Indices: The OSRx has incorporate a number of structured indices. These cover the gamut of topics including governance issues, risk of violence, economic concerns, education, gender and technology. Structured indices do not change often - they are usually updated yearly or quarterly.

Of particular interest for the more casual user is the social media monitoring of facebook and twitter for indicators of tension and instability and violence.


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Thu, Jul 21, 2016

Student Conflict Resolution Center resources at University of Minnesota

The Student Conflict Resolution Center (SCRC) at the University of Minnesota has had a long history supporting students who want to manage conflict effectively. Jan Morse, the director and a certified mediator and ombuds, has 20 years of experience helping students address their concerns. While there is lots to look at and learn from on the site, what caught my attention was the nice collection of DIY guides designed to walk students and faculty advisors through potentially difficult situations. One focus area of note is the collection of materials exploring academic civility/incivility. Nicely formatted and reflecting years of experience working on these issues, the guides are worth reviewing as possible models for similar resources on your campus.


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Wed, Oct 14, 2015

Theories of the Third Side presentation by Bill Warters - video

At the Association for Conflict Resolution 2015 Conference in Reno I presented a session entitled Theories of the Third Side: Identifying Acceptable Conflict Intervention Roles Based on Social Settings (click through title link to see description and get slides). The session was live-streamed and a version of it has been made available on Youtube.


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Thu, Aug 13, 2015

School Tools Conflict Resolution Education site

California’s Western Justice Center (WJC) has released a great new resource for conflict resolution educators. The project is called Haven School Tools and it is available online at no charge at The site, developed in partnership with the skilled actors of Encompass, is an extension of the ground-breaking Haven Social Network WJC developed for high school students working on making their schools safe and comfortable places to be and learn.

Here’s the description of the School Tools conflict resolution curriculum provided:

Haven School Tools is a resource website for educators interested in accessing quality materials on conflict resolution in order to enrich their students’, as well as their own, knowledge and skill base. The tools presented are useful for resolving conflicts in the school setting, as well as throughout people’s daily lives. Teachers can access full conflict resolution lessons for their classes/clubs and also find first-rate resources on a variety of topics, including effectiveness of conflict resolution education, building support in their schools, and implementation of programs. The site content is enhanced with original videos created by and for Haven for a more rich and interactive learning experience.

The curriculum is organized into eight levels and appears to be most appropriate for middle and high school classrooms. The individual levels are meant to be presented in order but can be taken à la carte with the teacher’s discretion. Instructions include printable PDF handouts and worksheets to distribute to students. The levels are as follows:

Level I: Analyzing Conflict
Level II: Self Awareness
Level III: Underlying Needs
Level IV: Emotions, Regulation Strategies
Level V: Approaches to Conflict
Level VI: Communication Skills
Level VII: Negotiation
Level VIII: Power

It is really great to see such generous sharing of quality educational resources dedicated to conflict resolution. Way to go, WJC!


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Sun, Jul 12, 2015

Common Ground for Action online forums

The well established National Issues Forums sponsored by the Kettering Foundation are adding an exciting new online component. The new platform, called Common Ground for Action forums, has been in the works for a couple years as experienced NIF facilitators worked with NIF and the Kettering Foundation to build a user-friendly online space for issues deliberation. The new platform looks great and a broad range of issues are available for deliberation.

This video provides a look at the platform in action:

Available Deliberation Topics
America’s Energy Future: How Can We Take Charge?
America’s Future: What Should Our Budget Priorities Be?
Bullying: How Do We Prevent It?
The Changing World of Work: What Should We Ask of Higher Education?
The Future of Work: How Should We Prepare for the New Economy?
Health Care: How Can We Reduce Costs and Still Get the Care We Need?
How Can We Stop Mass Shootings in Our Communities? (Issue Advisory)
Immigration in America: How Do We Fix a System in Crisis?
Medicare and Medicaid: How Can We Afford Them?
Mentall Illness in America: How Do We Address a Growing Problem?
Political Fix: How Do We Get American Politics Back on Track?
Social Security: How Can We Afford It?


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Mon, Jul 06, 2015

Conflict Perspectives - new online journal from IMTD

The Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy has launched in a new online publication called Conflict Perspectives. As explained by the sponsors,

“The journal publishes articles submitted by people from all walks of life who live, work or visit conflict zones. We encourage contributors to tell stories of what they witness or experience, their perspectives on the conflict and to apply their insights on how peacebuilding can be promoted in conflicts. By calling for contributions from different points of view and current stories on the ground, Conflict Perspectives seeks to promote the multi-track approach to peacebuilding.”


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2015 Conflict Resolution Day Poetry Contest

I’m pleased to report that the Conflict Resolution Day national committee is going to again sponsor our youth poetry contest. Conflict Resolution Day is October 15 this year (2015) and the contest will run throughout the month of October.

Students are invited to submit a poem on the theme of Building Peace. Poems can address the following topics:
- What is peace?
- Where is peace?
- How can I inspire peace?
- How can I build peace through conflict resolution?

Cash Prizes!!!
Poems will be judged and Prizes awarded in three Grade Categories: 3-5th; 6-8th; and 9-12th
- 1st Place in each category wins $100
- 2nd Place in each category wins $75
All Poems must be submitted in English Maximum of 20 Lines

See full poetry contest rules here.
Share the 2015 Poetry contest flyer (in color). Grayscale version of flyer also available here.

Go to Poem Submission Form for full details.


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Thu, Jul 02, 2015

The Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX)

The Humanitarian Data Exchange is a relatively new project from the UN OCHA (Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) seeking to improve the access and quality of humanitarian data available to peacebuilders. The project is addressing three elements that when combined should greatly improve the tools available to conflict intervention and prevention specialists. The first element is an open access repository where data providers can upload their raw data sets; the second element, dubbed HDX Analytics, involves the development of a refined database of high-value data that can be compared across countries and crisis. Finally, the group is working to create a set of shared standards for humanitarian data formatting known as the Humanitarian Exchange Language. As of the time of this post, 1,885 Datasets covering 244 locations from 286 different sources are available, many with useful visualizations already provided.


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Wed, Jun 17, 2015

Open Access Textbook on Peace Psychology

I was very pleased to see that the edited volume Peace, Conflict and Violence: Peace Psychology for the 21st Century has been released as an open access textbook. Kudos to Ohio State Professor of Psychology (Emeritus) Dan Christie, one of the editors of the volume, for making the book available.

The book is divided into sections addressing Direct Violence, Structural Violence, Peacemaking and Peacebuilding. Here’s the table of contents.


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Mon, Mar 16, 2015

ODR 2015 Conference Registration Now Open

Registration is now open for ODR2015, to be held in New York June 3-5, 2015. Hosted by Pace Law School and the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution and held at the Pace University campus in Manhattan. The annual Online Dispute Resolution conference moves to a new location each year. Last year in Silicon Valley the focus was heavily on technology. This year, scheduled for New York City, the focus will move to exploring ODR and the Law.  Keynote speakers include Richard Susskind, author of Tomorrow’s Lawyers, Internet pioneer and entrepreneur Esther Dyson, Modria Founder Colin Rule and Doc Searls, co-author of the Cluetrain Manifesto. Registration is limited and program information is accessible at


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Tue, Mar 03, 2015

Nice New Collection of Peer Mediation Resources

For those interested in peer mediation programs in schools, C-DRUM (the Center for Dispute Resolution at the University of Maryland Law School) has compiled a nice collection of no-cost resources about peer mediation, including:



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